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Penny has dropped - it’s all in the mind

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Set off for this morning with 9k in mind. Usual demons along the way trying to put me off. Thought about the post from OlderThanDirt yesterday and I have to say I found it most enlightening. I didn’t realise it but I find the same in that if I can get to a certain distance the demons disappear and I know I can keep going. Understanding that running is a psychological challenge is half the battle in defeating those demons. I can see that now.

I’m measuring in time rather than distance and keep adding on 10 minutes each week. I’m super slow but still have a good few lbs to shift although I’ve lost over a stone since I started C25K back in February which has to help!

Stopped after 80 mins and found I’d ran around 9.6k - very happy with that.

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Hi sarah65. I also find I run by time on most occasions rather than distance. I did find if I set out to do a certain distance say 10k and fell short I was disappointed and deflated.

I rather run for say 20 -40 mins then turn around & come back.

Some days pace is not so hot yet others I exceed my pace. Myself I have only been running for around 10 months, 8 if you take out 9 weeks for c25k so I am still a novice/beginner runner and have lots still to learn.

No point me pretending I can run a set distance of say 5- 8 or10K every time as it just will not happen yet. I no longer fret if my pace was slower than the run b4, so what?? As long as I am running whatever pace or distance then I am happy & progressing, but not too fast.

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sarah65Graduate10 in reply to dindy

I agree - I try not to get worked up about pace even though those demons tell me I can’t be a runner because I’m too slow! I decided to concentrate on distance and aim to do two 40 min runs in the week and a longer one at the weekend. It’s going well so far but I suffer with very achy legs afterwards. Determined to start the strengthening exercises this week.

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Wow, that's a great run and a great start to the day! I totally agree so much of this is in the mind - happy demon bashing :D

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sarah65Graduate10 in reply to linda9389

Thanks Linda - it does make me feel good to know I’ve done it and I’ll be ready for those demons next time!

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You can run for 80 minutes?! Those demons do not stand a chance up against you, Sarah! I always find the first 5k of a longer run the hardest, after that, the demons realise how serious I am, bog off, and let me get on with it – from there it gets infinitely more pleasurable. :-) Good run, well done!

Sadie-runs xx

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sarah65Graduate10 in reply to Sadie-runs

Thanks Sadie xx I have to aim for distance because I can’t do speed!

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Sadie-runsGraduate10 in reply to sarah65

That’s fine. They are two completely different disciplines - each one amazing if you can nail it. Some people are built for speed, some distance. 😁

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Wow brilliant! 9k still seems like a dream at the moment.Those demons are powerful and you out ran them!

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sarah65Graduate10 in reply to Empem

Thanks Empem. It’s amazing how quickly it builds up week by week. I can hardly believe I’m doing it most of the time!!

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EmpemGraduate10 in reply to sarah65

The achey legs too.I'm with you on that.Not sure whether I should feel back to normal with no niggles before doing any strengthening though.

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