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It’s all about the laces - who knew?


Morning all - Park Run day for many, after my 9k he’ll run on Wednesday, I’ve been dreading it.

The gremlins tried their best to keep me in bed this morning (just a little lie in, your feet still hurt, have a break, you’ll be in agony again.... etc etc)

But after a load of research and asking around in different forums I received many suggestions on the cause of my issues.... now for those new to my personal battle, I’ve overcome various things as part of my journey, but you can’t retrain our genetics. Your lungs, heart, legs, body all get fitter and stronger but you can’t get rid of freaky feet / toes!

As well as “man toes” I have wide feet. A new pair of trainers 2 months ago have caused worsening issues with burning & cramp. Another new pair last week caused even worse issues despite proper gait analysis.

Someone answered my question in a chat by suggesting different methods of lacing your shoes, have different impacts on your feet. Suffice to say that I used the bottom method in the older (Asics Kay 25s) and had NO ISSUES AT ALL!


No burning

No cramping

No pain

I am absolutely amazed.

On top of that I managed PB (by 4 seconds) of 34.55

Last week of ju-ju- s plan next week which ends with a 10k on Saturday.

I’m looking forward to that now..... more than I was yesterday!! Lol.

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Like you say, who knew? That’s amazing that such a tiresome problem seems, at least based on that run, to have a simple solution. Might be useful info for others here too. Hope it keeps up for you!

LoungeLizaardGraduate10 in reply to ArthurJG

Yep, that’s exactly why I posted it. I’ve been struggling for over a month and thought it was the shoes!

Amazing result!


How informative,😊

I just thought there was 1 way.


Well Done loungelizaard, my running shop laced mine up for the heel slip after my trial run down the street and I haven’t changed them since, but I didn’t realise there were lots of other ways too. It sounds like you had a brilliant run as a result and will graduate 10k with no problem. 🏃‍♂️👏👟👏

LoungeLizaardGraduate10 in reply to Dexy5

Thx Dexy, you’ve been (virtually) with me for most of the journey, so were probably as sick as I was about it! Lol.

Hopefully the clouds will respond in a similar way and I’ll have two pairs of running shoes! (Determined not to turn into Emelda Marcos of the running world!!)

Dexy5Graduate10 in reply to LoungeLizaard

It’s tempting though 😉 I credit my Parkrun PB to my new racing back vest bought in the sales .

Great news Mitch. Note I must Google how to tie laces for troll feet 😄😃😜

LoungeLizaardGraduate10 in reply to Fatdad71

Pop over Kev! I’ll show you my notes!! Lmao!

Great PB as well Mitch!


That's fantastic!😊

So well done Mitch not only on the solution / information but on your run.

Onward again to your good natural pace.💥🏃‍♂️🐆💥

LoungeLizaardGraduate10 in reply to Tbae

Thx Tbae 👍👍❤️ - I’m amazed what a difference it made!


Dear Mr Hobbit Feet, that is amazing! And a very useful graphic too. Glad you're pain free now, Mitch. Go get that 10K and sling in the back of the car and drive off with it :-) Good man!!


This is as complicated as knitting!! Good advice tho :-)

LoungeLizaardGraduate10 in reply to sallenson

Lol - yeah I know right!! I did both pairs in one sitting... by the forth shoe I was flying, but the first two I had to keep referring to the picture!!


😳 that’s brilliant! So pleased you shared this, but fantastic that it has helped so immediately! 🙏🏃‍♀️

LoungeLizaardGraduate10 in reply to Equi-geek

Sometimes it pays to be a geek! Lol


Love it. Who knew geeks looked into lacing trainers! Not me. Glad it was an easy fix - I’ll need to try #1 if I get issues apparently. Well done on the Pb too although pain free is better 😊

LoungeLizaardGraduate10 in reply to Sybilw

Cheers Sybil, yes very good result! Some of the alternatives were just scary! 😳


Brilliant 👏 glad it's fixed the issue for you now. I use the heel lock method and did the open toebox during the broken toe healing.

They're great to know 👍

LoungeLizaardGraduate10 in reply to GoGo_JoJo

I wish I’d known before! Would have saved a lot of pain! Just glad it’s sorted now (hopefully!)


Yay! So happy you got to the bottom of your feet issues! And such a simple fix. 😁 Well some on your PB, Mitch. 👏👏👏 Looking forward to celebrating your first 10k soon. xx

LoungeLizaardGraduate10 in reply to Sadie-runs

❤️❤️ I might even buy you that coffee to celebrate!

Woohoo! Good news! Glad it was something so easily sorted, and thanks for sharing. I have wide feet, but so far no issues as a result - if any crop up then I'll know what to try. The running shop showed me the heel slip lacing as that was a bit of an issue with my new shoes.

Well done on your PB too 🙂


Lacing makes SUCH a difference. I tried the heel lock method both using all the holes including the cloth one, and all but the cloth one. I’m still trying to get rid of the Achilles bruising and pain. Back to ordinary criss cross lacing as they arrive new and things are better. I might give number two shoes feel too tight a go some time as they do slightly sometimes.


That’s great news, Mitch! 😃🏃‍♂️❤️ Will keep that set of diagrams for future reference... 👍

Having looked at the “Running Free of Injuries” book sallenson recommended, I was a bit worried to see my own freaky bent big toes and bunions (which don’t as yet seem to cause me issues) seem to get listed as “requiring surgery” to fix the problems they should result in! 😖 If I get to that point then I’m afraid the running will get ditched in favour of sports not requiring surgery! 😳❤️

sallensonGraduate10 in reply to mountaindreamer

Please don't blame me!!

My wife has a bunion. Only causes problems with some shoes. GP said an op was the best route, but 4-6 weeks of immobility and 3 months before she'd be running again. So not a viable option right now.

For what it's worth I have truly awful feet too. Not that things stuck out. They're just generally awful....

mountaindreamerGraduate10 in reply to sallenson

To be honest I was pretty amazed to read that. They’ve never knowingly caused problems, and I’d no idea people ever had surgery on them! I’m with your wife on that. They may say surgery is the “best” option, but it’s not one I’d choose either! ❤️

sallensonGraduate10 in reply to mountaindreamer

It'd be mayhem. She had a hip done a few years back. I spent weeks fetching and carrying and putting on her socks and making sure that he laptop was charged so she could just sit and watch NetFlix all day. And moving her out of the way so the cleaner didn't dust her.

It's tough being a husband :-)

LoungeLizaardGraduate10 in reply to sallenson



Amazing...who knew?! I hope that's an end to the pain Mitch. Bit cheaper than lots of new shoes 😉 I've noticed my toes have started hurting with the longer runs so.guess I'll be trying number 4 tomorrow and see if it makes a difference 👍

LoungeLizaardGraduate10 in reply to Saartjie

Good luck Sarah - let me know 👍👍 hope it works for you too! ❤️

Hi LoungeLizard. Glad you’ve solved your problems with re-lacing your shoes. I had a problem with a tendinitis in my foot. I was advised to tie it the ‘Orange’ way. It worked! I’ve kept a copy of your pic for future reference!

Amazing! I am actually sharing this with my son who gets black toenails. Hopefully it will help him. Thanks for sharing 😊

LoungeLizaardGraduate10 in reply to Ang62

I hope it helps him 👍👍


Wow! That’s amazing LoungeLizard! Thank you for the brilliant chart. I’ve sent it to my son who’s always having trouble with his feet. He is currently growing out of his shoes due to a high instep - this might just delay me having to replace them for a bit 😅

Enjoy your comfy feet running 👍

LoungeLizaardGraduate10 in reply to TailChaser

Might put off the expense for a while! Lol. I was amazed at the difference!

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