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Long time no see



Apologies for my abscence , I hadn’t ran a 10k in three weeks so didn’t feel I should post anything . I ran one this morning and have a shiney new Pb for my efforts 😀

I’ve switched up my running in the week now , still try to do 3 runs a week , average between 15 to 20k a week. Instead of 5ks I try to do 6 or 7 instead depending on how I’m feeling, trying to get myself into the thought that these are now normal lengths for me 😂

I’m learning a bit more about myself, I’m starting to recognise when a good time for me to run is or if i should leave it . Still very much a Dawn raider , got up at 5am this morning to run my 10k and it was glorious , because I was completely and utterly on my own, in the whole run I only saw two people , 6 miles of coastline to myself just makes my soul feel at ease 😍

(Just read that bit back and it’s a bit 🤮, sorry, let’s just say I’m happy when there’s no one around🙄)

For me 10ks are still more of a mental challenge than a physical one. As many as I have done now , I still have to have an argument in my head about how I will not quit and I must keep going , stopping always feels like it’s only one pace away and very easy to do . I literally have to mentally drag myself from 1k to the next k. 🤷🏻‍♂️ If I get to 7k the demons stop and give me a break coz I’ll always finish it then. That’s also why I’ve increased my weekly distances so I have more ammo to shoot them down with

I’ve also now stopped listening to music or podcasts or anything , this happened by accident ( my headphones broke mid run ) and being a bit strapped for cash that month I started running without and bizarrely my times got better?!?!...I think I run fast with fast song and then slow down with slower ones🤪...running with nothing seems to make me consistent in pace ? Who’d of thought it ....I have new headphones now but all I use is my Nike app which just shouts my distance and pace/time at me

Erm yeah, that’s it , I hope you’ve all been well and enjoying the sun, I certainly have , I’m still here , still running, still forever grateful I found couch5k .

Take care 👍🏻

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Great post. Good to hear you’re still out there 😀

Know what you mean about the early mornings. I’m planning to get out for six tomorrow, assuming the rather large pie and chips I’ve just inhaled settles in time 😀

I hadn’t thought about it before, but know what you mean about getting past the demons. There’s definitely a point where you suddenly know you’ll go the distance you want.


I must have missed the bit in the rules that said you had to have just run a 10k before you could post...

Interesting about your audio experience. I now rarely have anything other than the time/distance markers, although if I am concerned about making a longer distance, that's when I'll whack something on - probably something longer and speech based rather than a series of 3 minute music tracks which as you say can mess with pace and make you more aware of time passing. (Of course when the object of the exercise is something else then a fast track may be just the ticket)

I *love* that idea of building up an ammo store against the demons.

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