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Too Hot to Trot


I was hoping to run at 7.00 yesterday morning:

* woke up hot and bothered at 5.00am... too early!

* dozed until 5.30 ... still too early

* dozed - actually fell fast asleep... too long!

* woke up at 7.40 - aargh 😮... too late!

I’d missed my chance as I needed to set off at 8.45 to head into London.

I spent the day rehearsing with my choir, and during the rather sumptuous bring and share lunch I was totally shamed by one of the members of the choir’s running club who had run 10km this morning and asked how my run had gone. 🤭

So at the end of a long day of singing, once I’d got home, I decided that I really should get my run done. It was nearly 6pm so I thought it might be cooler.

Inspired by @Jay66UK and his furry legs, I decided that not only would it be my first ever evening run, it would also be my first ever in shorts - treating the world (or Luton at least) to my slightly less hairy, and hopefully significantly less pasty white legs.

However it wasn’t much cooler and that was a really hard run. I’d chosen one of my more shady routes. Unfortunately Geography was never one of my strong points at school, so the fact that the sun would be in a different position from my morning runs hadn’t occurred to me! The tiniest slivers of shade were by nettles which drew me like magnets. I didn’t want to risk another close encounter!

After 7km I was really struggling, and when Michael Jackson started telling me, “Keep on with force... Don’t stop till you’ve had enough.” I felt like telling him to shove his force where the sun don’t shine. Except there wasn’t anywhere where the sun wasn’t shining. I slogged on reluctantly for another two km, but then the though of the hill back home started praying on my mind. I started to feel a stitch developing and slowed the pace down. My legs wanted to keep going but the rest of my body was shouting at me to stop. They, in a bid to emulate the independence of @sallenson’s legs , were singing along with the Communards, “Don’t leave us this way!” and somehow managed to keep going for another half a kilometre, but I was done in. Tired, overheated, dehydrated, I couldn’t find any motivation to run the last half km to reach my target and walked slowly back home.

After some very sluggish stretches, I managed to get through the door and there in front of me was a tall glass full of ice and water left by Miss Razouski .

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Great run Razouski...we’re not made for such temperatures in the UK!!! Early morning runs are the only way round it when it’s a long run I think, so no more snoozing!! That’s what happened to me the other day...midday run, managed it but boy was it hard & the top of my head felt like it was going to blow off!!! Well done...& that tall glass of water sounds just the ticket 😉

Razouski in reply to Mummycav

Thanks Mummycav , I recall reading about your tough midday run. It was the first time ever for me running in the evening, but I don't think it suits me. I usually run on an empty stomach so I don't think the lunch helped either. Oh well, you live and learn.


You did great with all those factors against you and you ran nearly 10K!! Huge respect! 💪🏼 Getting the timing right for running atm is so difficult. Getting the route right too! Too much to think about when you just want to run.

Not beaten but success!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼😎

Thanks for the encouragement Ripcurlrana71 , it was so frustrating since I normally run 10km relatively easily. I hadn't realised how much difference the heat would make. I knew I would be slower but I didn't realise I would struggle quite so much. I need to make sure next time I'm up with the lark. :-)

Ripcurlrana71Graduate10 in reply to Razouski

Great attitude!! 💪🏼💪🏼


Huge respect to you for going as far as you did! It is so much more difficult in the heat.

Did Parkrun with my son yesterday and we were 5 mins slower than his PB - it was sweltering!

What are you rehearsing for? x

It wouldn't have been so bad if I'd run in the morning. I have never run in the evening before, and now I think I've put myself off. Great that you made it to Parkrun and with your son. I can't persuade my girls (21 and 24) to run with me.

We were rehearsing Ravel's L'Enfant et les Sortileges. A strange opera type thing about a naughty boy who spoils all his toys and they come to life to sort him out. We get to be furniture (a couch?), shepherdesses from the torn wallpaper, frogs, and mathematical numbers!!!! It's an interesting piece but is definitely growing on me. We are performing it with Sir Simon Rattle at the Albert Hall, and then some of us are performing in Lucerne (I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I get selected).

In the week we'll also be rehearsing for Mahler 8 (with Thomas Sondergard) - another Prom, and for Britten's Spring Symphony to be performed in the Barbican with Rattle in the September . It's quite an exciting programme. I've only been with the choir for just over a year so get quite excited by it all.

pianoteacherGraduate10 in reply to Razouski

Wow! That all sounds amazing! I've never heard of the Ravel - sounds very interesting. Hope you get selected for Lucerne.

My son is 13 so to a certain extent does as he's told! The key is to let him do it all at his own pace and not push him - even when I know he's being a bit lazy and could go faster! :-)

I hadn't heard of the Ravel before, and when I first heard it wasn't sure about it, but now it's growing on me. We're also having a French language coach so our pronunciation will be top notch, and hopefully convincing enough for a Swiss audience.


Wow! You did amazingly! Now take a good the shade! x

Razouski in reply to Sadie-runs

I'm not running today and have a fairly shady morning, then this afternoon I'm helping to marshal at an open air concert by the London Symphony Orchestra in Trafalgar Square. Must remember to take water and a hat! I might need an extra rest day tomorrow . ;-)


I happen to be quite attached to my furry, pasty white legs actually 😭😭


Well run. I simply can’t imagine running at that time.

The forecast here shows it is as hot at 8pm as at Noon and it has got hotter in between. There is no time anywhere near as cool as early morning.

So drag those bronzed, smooth, undoubtedly toned pins outta the sack next time, slacker! 🤣🤣🤣

Razouski in reply to Jay66UK


I can't actually imagine running at that time normally. I always run first thing in the morning, and it was my first time ever running in the evening, so I was completely out of routine - usually run on an empty stomach, but my body was still busy digesting a fairly generous lunch, and calming down from a fun days singing... so it was doomed from the outset,


You're not beaten, just slightly chastened. Good for you for getting out there at all after a Big Lunch!! Now c'mon. Have a hug. Drink lots. Brush up on your Geography. You'll be fine next time. xx

Razouski in reply to sallenson

I'll be fine next time if I manage to drag myself out of bed and don't attempt an evening run. :-)

sallensonGraduate10 in reply to Razouski

I wanted to avoid saying things like "Well, if you'd moved your arse first thing, you'd have been fine." :-) xxx

Razouski in reply to sallenson



Well done for getting out there although I’d wait til 8 at least while it’s like this. I’m impressed you ran that far at that time! 💪🏽

Razouski in reply to Tasha99

Thanks Tasha99 , at least it has confirmed that I'm much better running in the mornings. It was the first time in nearly two years of running that I've run in the evening, and I don't think I'll be doing that again soon.

sallensonGraduate10 in reply to Razouski

Us morning people shd stick to mornings. Evenings are for watching Love Island. Apparently.

Razouski in reply to sallenson

Don't even get me started on Love Island... I had to watch an episode with my daughter and her friend on Friday evening... What was that all about?


Tasha99Graduate10 in reply to Razouski

Can’t work out my preference! I struggle with everything!

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