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New running shoes are no longer virgins!


Well good morning all hope you are all well and enjoying this beautiful weather.

Let me begin.

Once upon a time there was a woman who always went running in trainers that perhaps were not to everyone’s taste. Vowing that spending lots of money on runners was a waste as they will just get worn out !

However as much as she tried she couldn’t contain her curiosity any longer and wondered what was so engaging about having a gait analysis ? (What’s that when it’s a home ?) being seductively seduced into trying wonderful, beautiful (some expensive) running shoes on,in various colours and styles!

So off she travelled to a land far away and arrived at the shop that sold all of these wonderful things. Infact she thought to herself “it’s like entering a sweet shop with all the sweets you could ever imagine wow!

So a young man appeared and helped her with her gait analysis and on concluding that. her right foot was neutral and her left foot was only marginally under pronated after her run on the treadmill,it was decided that neutral was the way to hurrah!

So after much trying on of these wonderful running shoes and some much deliberation

and excellent help and advice from her young assistant she bought some new running shoes.

Brooks Aduro 6 ! They were a bit expensive however she managed to pay £80 for which wasn’t too bad as they were £99.99.

Happy and satisfied with the whole experience and purchase off she went,skipping joyously as she returned to her homeland safe in the knowledge that these new running shoes would hopefully take further with more support.

So this morning she arose with new vigour and prepared for the virgin run.

It was absolutely brilliant ! It was still early so it was warm but with a lovely breeze! Yes she certainly felt better and her feet were indeed more comfortable. Her running shoes were as blue as the beautiful sky,and as she prepared for her journey home running happily up hills (well not quite there yet!😀) and down dales🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️she knew that her gait analysis experience and everything that entailed had indeed being a great experience😀😀

So the woman and her new running shoes will live happily ever after and her feet will cherish that thought too!🙂

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Love those shoes. Especially the contrasting laces. Enjoy them.

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Thank you jay66K! I must say they are really comfortable . I don’t know why I waited so long ha! I certainly will enjoy them.😀😀


very nice :)

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Thanks ju ju!x


Nice shoes. Did you go a size up for expansion?

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Thanks Pink.😀Well I didn’t especially ask about a size up. However my size is 6 but on the under side of the tongue I did notice that the uk size was 6.5.The guy that served me did make sure that the length of the shoe was correct.

Anyway they are very comfy so I’m sure there going to be ok.

I must say pink though I’m enjoying running in them,even though it’s only the first day.It is so much better with a better running shoe.

Hope your well and your enjoying your running and this beautiful weather🌞

Keep safe and happy running🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️

pinkaardvarkGraduate10 in reply to Hidden

They usually aim to have a fingers width extra on top of your big toe. My better half runs in brooks and she wears a 6.5 when her normal shoe size is a six. I found with my On Cloudflyers I had to go up a whole size, it saves getting blisters on the end of your toes I guess when your feet expand.

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Oh that’s cool at least I’ve got the right size and the chap did exactly what you just mentioned and measured the fingers width extra on me big toe.😀😀

I love new shoes

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Thank you ! Me too😀😀

Very swish! 😍. Don’t they make a huge difference? I was just as excited (after the shock of the price haha) when I got my first proper running shoes 👏😂

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Thanks SandieF! Yes I know what you mean I must admit I was so excited about the whole experience and after sitting in a classroom all morning ,mandatory training nhs conflict and resolution it was just what I needed. I feel very posh I must admit hee! hee!😀


Lovely shoes!

I still enthuse about mine!! Next it will be a running watch!! (I splashed out on one last week!! ) 😀

FlickM3Graduate10 in reply to Sarakc

I think she’s got one. Her run posts are from Garmin Connect 😊

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They are brill and even though I wasn’t too keen on colour it has grown on me. Flick is quite right I have already got me garmin which I’ve had a wee while. I can understand how you enthuse. Thanks! 😀😀

Happy runningx


Oooh, have not heard of those, and what a heavenly colour combination. And you had a nice young man to help you choose - what more could a woman want. And let me tell you right now that £99is NOT expensive for decent running shoes 💜💜💜


Oh Flick! Great to hear you. Yes he was a lovely young man.However he could have been me grandson.😂😂

Anyway the running shoes are great,comfy and I wonder how I left it so long to get some decent ones.

Anyway enough of this old gal showing off ! how’s life treating you Flick.

Good I hope? And this weather ,are you enjoying it.

I must admit I don’t like it too hot.

Getting up and out this morning was fab. And I forgot just how good it was and also just how beautiful it is that time in the morning. So Saturday again I’m going to try and drag my body out early.

Happy running Flick!🦄🦄😀😀x

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