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Glad I ran earlier today


I posted earlier about my run but had to share this!! I came back from my sisters this afternoon and was melting in the car but her garden had a slight breeze across it when I was there so I thought I’d venture into mine to sit under the gazebo in the shade. Both cats were under the sunchairs in the shade but I was only out there less than a minute and had to come in. So out of interest I found my garden thermometer, which was still indoors funnily enough, and took it outside for a couple of minutes. It hit 45degrees!!! That’s 108 in old money!! ( I’m not even going to attempt to go into my greenhouse !!)

Back indoors for me

Be careful running out there - it’s still going to be hot this evening. Sunscreen and plenty of hydration everyone

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😱 Alarm set for 5am tomorrow!


Rather have 45F than 45 C, no way could anyone run in 45C/ 108F. Early morning runs for all if you can, I understand that work commitments can't always make that possible for some of us runners.


Wow! Stay safe and stay inside! Too hot!!!!!


I watered my greenhouses last night before my run, sweat pouring off me, then I ran. No water, stupid me! Jumped out of bed with cramp this morning. Little wonder.

It’s a reminder isn’t it Ouch ouch ouch 😁

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