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Week3/run2 jujusplan -7k done!!


Had to set my alarm for 5.00am last night as I knew I’d have to do this run early to avoid the heat. I’m really struggling with it and hardly sleeping either. So up with the lark and by the time I’d drunk my water, ate my banana etc and set off it was just after 5.30. Sun was getting warmer already and I’d risked running without my shades too.

Off down the good old Tarka Trail I went and settled into my stride. I had a bit of a struggle with my breathing in the old Toxic Ten but powered on and soon got going. Was doing a bit of running maths in my head as I went, it’s weird how your brain can’t run and math at the same time. I am usually spot on with figures. I know 5k is 3.1 miles so 2.5k should be 1/2 of that but could I do it ? And then to add them together as well!!! And as it was I only needed 7k not 7.5 so it came as a nice surprise when my watch finally pinged to say 7k. 😆

Anyway I managed to work out it was roughly 4 1/2 miles so I figured if I ran out for 2.5 miles then turned I would be about right to walk home for my cooldown. I saw my mate Peter Rabbit again this morning - he did ask if I’d wet the bed being up so early. Cheeky!! And then a bit further on I saw his sisters Flopsy and Cottontail so at least Mr McGregors garden was safe this morning while they munched clover by the riverside.

And funny thing, I saw the homeless guy who lapped me in the park a while ago to my disgust. I’ve since found out he used to be a serious runnner - anyway there he is in full parka, joggers etc running like hell down the Trail ahead of me. He must have been doing about a 3minute km!!! Seriously!! You know when you are on the motorway ? And you are doing 80 in the middle lane ( yes I know you shouldn’t be) and someone comes up the outside lane and goes past and disappears in seconds? That was him!!!

Anyway I did my 2.5 miles and turned and , for the first time ever, not long after I had to walk for about 30 seconds. I just got a bit dizzy and couldn’t catch my breath. Then I was off again and finished my run. And as I get back near the new bridge and the finish, there’s the homeless guy sitting on the wall, cool as a cucumber, smoking his fag!!!

I did say good morning and he grinned and said “ Keep it up girl!” GIRL!! First time I’ve been called girl in years!!! 😆😂

So 7k done and about 0:35 faster than the last one, which surprised me as I thought I was plodding today .....unless I plodded slower last time 😜

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Fantastic Lou! Great post too. I can’t do anything when running apart from run!! 😂 Definetly going to get out early to do my 5k tomorrow/thurs.

Just a thought was that birthday cake slowing you down? 🤔😋

limberlouAmbassador in reply to Ripcurlrana71

I only actually had one small slice. It was chocolate ( my son bought it so I didn’t have to make one for myself- I always make everyone else’s) and I’m not one for choc cake, bless him. But I did have one of my lovely daughter’s Terry choc orange brownies that she made. I think it was lack of sleep slowing me down - about 3-4 hours at most.

That and demolishing cupboards and chopping down trees which is what I’ve been doing the last 2 days 🤔


Good work limberlou, 7k is not to be sniffed at! You are doing really well. I did my 4K of week 5 this morning, and was out at 6:15am - already super hot. 😓 I made sure part of my run went through woodland just to get the shade! How people run after 8am in this weather I will never know!

Enjoy your rest day, you have earned it.

Sadie-runs x

limberlouAmbassador in reply to Sadie-runs

You enjoy your rest day too. No I can’t do anything after about 9.00am. Thank god Ive retired


Great work Lou! I only ever see that time of day if I stay up all night :-)

That's so cool about the homeless guy too. When I run down the seafront there's a man who lives in one of the shelters - we always pass the time of day. Going to actually stop and have a proper chat with him one of these days x

Lovely read and you are doing great.

Love the Beatrix Potter characters and your homeless coach and flyer.

Hope you get used to the 5am rises for a while.



Great stuff. what a fascinating tale about your homeless runner :)

Morning Lou, great read.

Would love to know a bit more about Ted. I’ve decided he’s called Ted instead of homeless guy. Amazing that he can just do it. A bit of a Forest Gump me thinks.

I’m a little out of it at the moment with Achilles tendonopathy. Old problem but hoping it settles soon. I haven’t run for two weeks now but I’m itching to get back on it. Must admit these posts are great for keeping me in the loop.

Happy running and well done on your determination and 7K. 😊🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

limberlouAmbassador in reply to Birdsong53



Lovely read Lou. Well done you. I’d be seriously grumpy on 4 hours sleep. Looking forward to hearing more about ted. Running In a parka and having his fag afterwards? Sounds like a character

limberlouAmbassador in reply to paulanoo

I did have a 20 min nannanap this afternoon but I am an habitual insomniac anyway and the heat just exacerbates that. Usually awake at silly o’clock


Well done! Lovely post! I was out at same time plodding along one of my usual 5K routes in the fog!! I hoped I’d see a bit of interesting wildlife out early but just 3 cats out hunting today! 😀

limberlouAmbassador in reply to Sarakc

Haha my two are just crawling from one patch of shade to another... too hot to hunt. My tabby gets so hot down her big black stripe on her back( and she’s a trifle rounded too which doesn’t help) and my Snow Bengal/ Birman X who usually sleeps in my greenhouse and loves heat .. even he is struggling, it’s 45 degrees in my back garden!!!! Whose bright idea was it to paint the garden walls cream?? It’s a suntrap. I’ve had to hide indoors

Wow! A 5am get up. I get up for work at 6.10am and that is far too early as it is!

To be fair half of 3.1 is a gead scratcher! 😂

Well done for a good run and a brilliant post. Very unusual to find a keep fit homeless guy!


Well done with that 7k!, have my 7 to do later this week, just hope I do as well as you :)

limberlouAmbassador in reply to orangeguy

Just go early if possible and take it easy. As I said this is the first time I’ve had to walk in any of my runs , albeit only 30 seconds, I’m sure it was because of the heat.


Well done Lou, you're doing so well, nothing holds you back. So pleased for you.

Hoping to head out about 9:30 tonight to do a 30 min run, then another 30 min on Thursday and all going well (injury free) back to 5k on Sunday. :) :)

paulanooGraduate10 in reply to Lorijay

Woo hoo !

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