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W2R3 of Ju-Ju’s plan - No Excuses!


Lot of talk about motivation on here recently, and I had so many excuses not to run this morning - loads to eat and drink yesterday, lots of beer, late night curry, got up late, legs aching from some serious walking, and not much time before the England game...

But reading on here posts from lots of others and how they had got out and done early runs (I’m determined to try and keep up with you Ripcurlrana71 !) I decided that there really were no excuses, and just got out there and did it. It’s another way this forum helps massively.

So... this was this week’s 5k run, after the long one last time out, and a chance to see if I could push myself and post a new PB.

Fab run in the sunshine along country lanes (a new route for me), end result was Strava telling me I had no less than 6 PB’s, including the final 1k and the overall 5k :)

And I was back in time for the football... and England are winning 4-0... what’s not to like :)

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It’s win win win!! That’s it you’ve said it all, it really is just about getting out there and doing it.... and what an amazing result... enjoy the game ⚽️

Well done you! Determination is overcoming excuses. Impressive! 😊


Fabulous! Rip has a lot to answer for, but today it's all good!!!

Watching you all roll in today, but delaying my run until it cools down a bit.

Catch up with you all soon 😁


This is all sounding brilliant! Got to love it when a plan comes together:)

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