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Hatfield hoohaah - race report

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Ran my third ever 10k race today, which was the Hatfield Forest Hoohaah, a 10km trail run around the Hatfield hunting forest (national trust) in essex (right by stansted).

I would describe the course as undulating and mostly grass with some forest trail running and not really any tarmac or gravel at all. Obstacles were mostly the countless burms(correct spelling?) caused by seasonal rain which mean you had to watch your footing in the dips.

The weather turned out to be great, it had been forecast to be overcast and was at the start but it quickly turned sunny without getting scorching ie max 20c, so not too bad, and the forest sections helped keep things cool.

As to the run, I wasn't really feeling it today, as it crept up on me after a weeks holiday running in cornwall so I had minimal time to mentally faff over it. I found I got stuck behind a lot of people at the start so I have realised that although the start grid is sectioned, a lot of people start further forward of where they actually expect ie this means other people have to overtake them rather than them having to overtake. So my next run I will definately start a bit further ahead.

That aside I found I was counting the yards after only 2-3k which wasn't a good sign as it made it all a bit sloggy, and I only seemed to find my wind at 8k in at which point I then felt fine. However I recorded at 1.01.29 on garmin and I forgot to stop that at the end so the event chip timing said net time was more like 1.01 so not too bad considering it was another trail run. My best 10k is only 58.5 on the flat so I shouldn't complain (but that pesky hour barrier gets annoying lol).

There was also a lot of bovine action in the field today, they provided quite a few route hazards underfoot and apparently led the race at one point and joined in at other points alongside. I didn't see any during the run so close but on the walk back to the car one stamped out of the forest to the side of me and nearly flattened my partner and our little guy in his buggy. I don't think ju-ju would have been happy at this race lol.

I believe my next race isn't a hoohaah hehe, but it is another x-trail job (the fen gallop) then I have the cambridge town and gown(finally a road race) and also the wimpole HM in Oct. I suspect I will sign up for some more before the end of the season too.

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Hey, well done. i wouldn't be displeased with your time, that's great, especially with trails and obstacles. Running off road slows you down. Love the photo. And fab run description.

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pinkaardvarkGraduate10 in reply to FlickM3

Thanks Flick. Time was ok in reflection, I just wasn't feeling it on the day so felt a bit grumpy with it all. Was a beautiful run in reflection and so glad I experienced it :)

Sounds like a lovely run, I'm very envious of the location. Trouble with being where I am and not driving means I only seen to get access to the big, brash, shiny events when I think I'd prefer something less commercial, like a run round national trust grounds with added bovine spectators.

I find starting so tricky. I always self consciously put myself in novice position at the back of my starting group, only to find I get corralled into a group running at a pace I don't find comfortable. Same with Parkrun - I need to be brave enough to start further forward :/

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pinkaardvarkGraduate10 in reply to Sqkr

Yes the more rural events are definitely easier to approach mentally as there is not so much of a big hoohaah around them, pardon the pun :) I have some even smaller 10k's around me that are organised by local primary schools and scout groups etc and I imagine I will try some of those even though they usually involve running through cow pastures etc hehe. I have entered the London 2019 ballot though, so theres a tiny chance I may have to get accustomed to the bright lights :O

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Those cows look like they are in the first wave at the start of a race and you lot had to start second😆. Well done on the race and the speedy time.

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