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Oooh new speedgoats!

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Well I headed off to town yesterday with the OH to bug some new trail shoes. I’m running my first trail 10k in September and need to start preparing by running some local muddy tracks. My gel Kayanos are lovely but definitely not good on the uneven stony trails so it was a perfect opportunity for some nooo shooooz.

I went to Runner’s need to get some advice and try on a range of different makes and styles, and after a fair number of pairs had been tried and rejected, leaving a pile of discarded boxes on the floor, I tried these lovely HokaOneOne Speedgoat 2s and bingo! It was love at first lace-up. They are really different, in that they have quite a rocky sole but I like that and when I tested them on the trail this morning, they were fabulous!

So, am a very happy bunny now!

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They look the business 🙂 Enjoy and I hope they give you many injury-free, happy miles.

Thank you! They are very different to my Kayanos and I was not expecting to like them when I tried them on but they are great. They have a really nice sense of launching you upward as you toe off and gave me so much more stability on the rough track than my road shoes did, so I am happy I splurged on them 😬😁. OH didn’t bat an eyelid when he saw the price, but then he had just spent £90 on a new squash. Racket when he was just supposed to be getting his busted on restrung!!! Result!!!

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Oooh new trail shoes. They look amazingx

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Fionn42 in reply to FlickM3

I was planning to go for the Fujirados as I like my ASICS road shoes, but when I tried these, everything changed!

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