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Nailed 10k, feeling more newbie than ever


First 10k done today, which was actually supposed to be a 9k run at week 6 of Ju-Ju's plan, but everyone knows how these things happen :)

I noticed I've only been averaging 10 km (2-3 runs) per week since graduation and decided to concentrate on increasing my weekly distance by adding 1-2 runs per week instead of trying to increase my long run.

Still intimidated by distances more than 5 km, but the long runs are almost always the easiest of all because of a slower pace. It feels like I could keep going forever if it wasn't for my sore joints. Parkruns, on the other hand, are a struggle. I push too hard, finish exhausted and it takes several weeks before I dare to come again. I have my first 5k race in two days, feeling totally unprepared.

I'm anxious to know, when does one start to notice that running slowly gets easier and the "conversational pace" improves?

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I'm 8 months in and it hasn't got easier. I find I just end up going a bit quicker so eat into that easy conversation pace a bit more. As you have found the longer runs can feel easier and well done for pacing yourself to make them so, it's that pacing that makes it easy and if you want a nice chat while doing 5k then run at your 10k pace.

I will say although you may feel the long runs are easier, the endurance runs actually take more out of your body, and your body doesn't always realise for a while so always bear this in mind the few days after a long run.

I will also say, I never liked running but always had this dream that I would get to a point where I could go for that easy jog and then come home and have a coffee and a bagel and start my day without a spot of sweat on my brow. What a crock of £$%£, it never happens.

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Thank you for your advice! I never thought about it before, I should take it into account.


Congratulations on the 10K! You're right to increase your weekly mileage because that way you'll become a fitter, stronger runner but weirdly you'll get faster too. It's good to mix them up, a faster shorter run, then a 5K then a slower longer run. You can always mix it up during any run too. Try a short fast spurt on your next long run.

Like everything else, the more you run the easier it will feel. Keep at it and one day when you're not noticing you'll finish a run and think, " blimey, that wasn't even hard". Honestly, it will happen. But then the next run might feel so very hard! Such is running 😕

Just keep running and getting the miles in and enjoy it 🏃🏃🏃


Congratulations on your 10k, a huge achievement. I am 5 years in and I tend to stick with slow comfortable running ( I am on a runstreak so very careful about getting injuries etc). I can hold a conversation but I prefer to run alone so I would be chatting to myself!!!!!!! It definately gets better as the years go by. Your plan sounds good too.

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