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Second 5K race, tomorrow

One month after running my first 5K race, I'm doing my second tomorrow morning. The first race, end of April, was a day of unseasonable cold and I caught a chill that kept me in bed a few days, and from running for more than a week. So, I don't feel as prepared for this race as I'd like, but then again I have no goals other than to finish it and thus get more "running hours" (or, in this case, "running minutes") on my legs.

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Good luck! You’ll be fine. Good running weather tomorrow - neither hot nor cold 👌🏽


Thanks. I think it will be fine. Not exceptionally great, but fine. I'm in Toronto, where it's supposed to be unseasonable warm, tomorrow, alas...

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I hope the run goes well.


Thanks, everyone! Well, I finished my second 5K in 42+ minutes, which is significantly slower than when I ran my first 5K race about a month ago. However, it was 30 degrees (unusually warm for this time of year) and muggy at the start of the race, I finished, I'm not injured so I'm just going to be proud of myself. I'm glad to've done it and look forward to continuing my training.

I think I'll lay off the races for the next few months (this summer in Toronto is predicted to be exceptionally hot) and just keep training slow and steady on the indoor (and, therefore, air conditioned) treadmill at the gym. Will sign up for a few more in autumn, and look forward to seeing improvement, then! xox


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