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Week 3, 7k run – a bit messed up

Well that didn’t go according to plan. I had carefully plotted myself a route which was pretty much spot on 7k but I missed a turn and ended up going quite a bit further than I had planned. The problem was that I ended up at the bottom of a long hill. I got half way up the hill and had to stop and walk, most disappointing. I started again and according to my Garmin covered a total of 8.41k, 7.76k of that was running but broken up with a short walk, not quite what I intended.

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Walking will save your ass! Never worry about stopping to walk. It can mean the difference between success and failure!

It’s not a sign of weakness. It gives you strength to carry on 💪👍🏃‍♂️


You went out to run 7K and ran nearly 8.

Add in a hill walk on top and it's not a bad training session.


I’ve had that too. Did my first trail run last month and ended up on an uphill track that I soon realised was more that 1k in length. Much stopping took place.

This sounds like a success though. Planned 7k, ran more. Job done 👍


Sounds great to me, no harm in walking up a bit of hill....


Thanks everybody, I guess it wasn't too bad . . . will try and fit in another "non-stop 7k" though next week, just so I can keep to the schedule :)


So, we're in the same boat - my 7k run got messed up because I changed my route a bit and ended up running on pavements/roads full of potholes and loose gravel! Grrr!

For me it just meant that my pace dropped a little bit, but at least I've done it, now all I have to do is finish decorating the cake for our Ruby Wedding party! At least now I've only got the 3.5k run to do this week, so it's a couple of days of gym and swimming pool for me and I'll do the run at the end of 'my' week.

Keep on running - we know we can do it!


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