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Exceeding weekly targets?


Last week I thought I’d try a run to see how far I’d go before starting bridge to 10k. I managed 6k so decided this week I’d start the plan at week 2. Tonight I went out to do 6k but felt fairly good so went on to 7.4k (could’ve gone to 8k I think but by 7.4k I was home😂). Is it ok to just push through as long as I feel ok to do so? I’m only doing the one long run a week. I am attempting some kind of interval training (run 1) on another day, and all of this I hope will improve my ParkRun (run 2) time which I’m desperate to get to sub 30!

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Wow well done Tash to think a couple of weeks ago you were worrying about do graduation run! Your confidence is soaring! Just don't overdo distance too quick! 👍

Tasha99Graduate10 in reply to chelsea007

He he he I know 😂

Nice to read. Great.

Nicely done.

Always remember the 10% rule, also it can be good to consolidate every couple of weeks.



Ooh yes ok 👍🏽

Just take it carefully. Don't make the mistake of increasing your distance too quickly. I managed to give myself an achilles problem and was then unable to run for a few weeks.

Glad that you're enjoying it though. :-)

Tasha99Graduate10 in reply to Razouski

Ok! Hope you’re ok now!

Oh yes, this was over a year ago when I was doing the Sami Murphy Bridge to 10k.

I'm much more sensible about only increasing distance a little at a time. My last run was actually 20km, but I'd been working up to it for several weeks.

Wow... just looked at the map and realised that that is where I grew. Well done and keep it up.

Tasha99Graduate10 in reply to Chris73G

No way! #UTB 😂

Chris73G in reply to Tasha99

#UTB. good to see I’m not the only smoggy trying to get the soot out of my system. Seriously, you look to be doing great... keep it up.

Tasha99Graduate10 in reply to Chris73G

😂 smog monsters rule 👌🏽 You moved then?

You’ll be fine on this program. If I can do it, anyone can 💪🏽

Chris73G in reply to Tasha99

Smog monsters🤣🤣🤣🤣

Yes I moved a long time ago but try to get back to the smog as after as possible.

Determination, perspiration and dedication along with a lung full of clean air. That’s all we need. Oh and less wine, walkers crisps and all the other nice things we eat and drink 🍷☹️

Tasha99Graduate10 in reply to Chris73G

It’s not so bad here now 👍🏽 😂

*but love the odd parmo*

BTW I can recommend a run around the barrage up towards Stockton. Very nice 👌🏽

Hidden in reply to Tasha99

Parmo did some one say Parmo 😉

Tasha99Graduate10 in reply to Hidden

Yay! 🤗 #UTB 😂

How are you getting on post graduation Tasha

Tasha99Graduate10 in reply to Jullaly

Not too bad thank you. Long run tonight again so we’ll see how I do in the warmth. It’ll be a late start I think!

Glad you’re ok too. You’re doing such a fab job!

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