Target distance✔️ - very happy me😀!

Target distance✔️ - very happy me😀!

Training for the Great South Run 10 mile in October continues, and I hit my target distance today! Chuffed and proud to say the least! Set off planning to do 13k+ and with a wish, maybe the full 16k. As usual I set off a little quicker than I should have done, but later settled down in to a steady comfortable pace. I ran with food for the first time today, thinking that maybe a 10 mile run needed more than water and a little respect. Took a Nature Valley Oats and Honey bar with me, which I broke bits off at a couple of points along the run when I was taking water. I think there is a skill to eating, drinking and running at the same time that may take some time to master! However, I do think it helped sustain me - I remember looking at my Garmin at 7.5k and having a sinking feeling that I wasn't even half way! Clearly the gremlins were trying to latch on and I quickly reminded myself that runs don't work like that, one tough kilometre does not necessarily lead to another I reminded myself. This seemed to kick them in to touch and on I ran and ran until the magic number was in sight, my Garmin bleeped and my first 10 miles was in the bag! Phew! Portsmouth, I am coming to get you😀🏃🏻!


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11 Replies

  • Brilliant Sandra. 10miles is a L O N G way and you did it at a really good pace. Well done :)

  • Yep, it did feel like quite a long way....but I survived! 🙂

  • Wow!! Sandra that is awsome. Great job and what a great pace over that distance too. Well done! x

  • Thank you Noaky!🙂

  • Fabulous Flying Sandra !

    Well done , its in the bag ! Yes I agree it is really hard eating and drinking on the hoof, Ive missed my mouth loads of times and ended up with my drink all down the front of my shirt. Ha ha ! :-D

    That must be a real confidence booster for you , great stuff ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks Poppy🙂 - definately a confidence boost but moving into the realms of 'blimey, that was a helluva long way'!😉 x

  • Wow! great pace Sandra! what a fantastic day for you, 10 miles is really like AM says, a LOOOOOOOOOOONG way, it will fill you with confidence for the GSR, creeping up now! we were talking about it today with Frank and looking forward to meeting up! :)

  • Yes, my legs are telling me it was a long way!😉 Actually, not feeling too bad at the moment, although how they will feel tomorrow..well, we'll see! x

  • you'll be fine! you are a top runner! :)

  • Good stuff! That's a heckuva run.

  • That's brilliant Sandra! And a fab pace too for that distance. You're definitely ready for your race and I'm sure you're getting excited about it rather than nervous.

    Yes, I find eating, drinking and breathing difficult to do while running and I'm always amazed I don't choke more often 🙂

    A big well done to you 👏

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