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4 times a week? Tempted!

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I am in a pattern on three runs a week (2 x 6 and a 10k)! Feels good and legs doing ok. Read on the forum that someone runs four times a week, feeling tempted! How about if I ran Monday 3k, Tuesday 3k, rest Wednesday, 6k Thursday, rest Friday, 10k Saturday? This way, I can test it out without increasing my weekly run speed, what do you think?

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That sounds fine to me - two fairly easy/short days together then a moderate day after a rest day and then a long/hard day also after a rest - all at an easy pace for you to build up some mileage - but you would need to only do this for a while ( maybe a month) before you start to add additional challenge (distance or pace). What is your goal??

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JoolieB1Graduate10 in reply to Bazza1234

Thank you. I think slowing down would be good. Trouble is, I seem to have a pace that is hard to get out of! My goal will be to run more frequently plus to also eventually increase my weekly running distances.

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Bazza1234Graduate10 in reply to JoolieB1

One thing that I have practiced quite a lot is running at different paces-- I understand that it is "good" for us to be able to do this and should really form a big part of a weekly training programme. So, I can literally "run" at paces between 8:30 mins per K to 4:00 mins per K (can't go very far at the last pace though!!) :)

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JoolieB1Graduate10 in reply to Bazza1234

Thanks, I think that would be very useful for me to try and develop, this would help me to build a little speed for short period but also to slow for longer runs, thanks 😀

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Yes, you're an experienced runner, and you'll know if it's not working out. I normally run every other day, so 3 days one week, 4 the next. that works for me unless I do a particularly long run, then I take an extra day off. Give it a go, let us know how it goes.

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Give it a go. Listen to what your legs say. Chances are they'll be happy.

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JoolieB1Graduate10 in reply to Tomas

My legs usually let me know how they feel!

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I also try to run a minimum every other day, so 3x one week and 4x the next. Between September and December I ran 4x a week and it was fine. I did 2 runs of about 4 or 5 km, one shorter interval run 2.5/3.5 km and a longer run at the weekend (7-10 km). My legs had no problems - they did complain a bit when I ran 5x a week for a while in December. But that was an experiment, didn't do me any harm but was not sustainable! I'd say go for it!

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Sounds like a plan :) And a good one... you will soon know if it is not right...:)

I shall just be glad to run again, when this lurgy finally heads off... partly because the walks I am doing are further than my runs and harder... mostly up hills and pushing a pram! :)

Let us know how it goes please?

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I think that sounds like its worth a try.... I run everyday but its taken me a long time to get to this point!!!

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JoolieB1Graduate10 in reply to ju-ju-

Stop teasing LOL! Running, for me is an amazing way to have fun. Can't believe I can even say that because a year ago, I was pushing through C25K and it wasn't fun! Running every day would be a medium term goal for me, even better than 4 times a week and it is all about moving forward with our goals safely. Now u have given me a new dream!

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Up until this week of the lurgy, I've tried to run every other day, so 3 times one week and 4 times the next. However having just started Ju-Ju's 10k challenge (go Ju-ju!) I am thinking that I most likely will have two days rest after each weekly 'long distance' run until my legs are acclimatised. Will play it by ear and see - having done my first 7 k by necessity a couple of weeks ago where I got slightly off-track in my meanderings around our local country park and ended up running all the way home so as not to get caught in the dark, my legs and bum really ached the day after even after a good rollering :-(

So the moral is (I think), give it a go, see how your legs feel and adjust your plans accordingly. Let us know how you get on.

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JoolieB1Graduate10 in reply to CarolStr

I agree with you that only my legs can let me know how it goes. I got from 5 to 10 but then had a very strange aching calf whenever I ran, took me a while of run walking to even manage a 5 again but I did it and right now my legs are strong. I am doing 3 runs, 2 x6 and a 10k. Have managed that every week for some time and I know I could do more than 10 plus one rest day is fine now. Think I want to keep in a long run of 10 and going to do an additional 3 x 4 - no weekly increase in run distance but an extra run day! Very excited about having another run day but will keep to that for February and review after that

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Decided I will start tomorrow. Monday 4K, Tuesday 4K, Thursday 4K and Saturday 10k! Decided to keep a long run in and then divide the distance for my 2 runs over 3 days, excited - more running for me. Will keep the overall distance the same to avoid injury

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