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Rubbish week, great run


Didn’t finish work until late last night and didn’t sleep great but had been looking forward to getting out so decided if I woke up in enough time before kids swimming I’d head out.

Wide awake just before seven so off I went. Classic rock station on amazon prime (unusual for me as I normally prefer spoken word podcasts), headed off on a new route at what has become my “keep on running pace”.

Thought I’d see where it got me and before I knew it I was at 8k and still trotting along happily. It seemed rude not to by that stage so I kept on going to my first 10K.

Just what I needed to set me up for a relaxing weekend and put the stresses of the week away.

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Nice one !...I know the feeling , once you get to 8 , might as well eh?..👍🏻

Well done on your achievment , it’s a wicked buzz


tony_aGraduate10 in reply to OlderThanDirt

Thanks. Still totally amazed I managed it. Might even sign up for a 10K now and get myself some bling 🏅

Never thought I would ever 1) be able to run for an hour and 2) actually enjoy doing it.

Love the way running cuts through work stress. Funny isn't it how that difference between 8k and 10k doesn't seem that bog when you get there?

tony_aGraduate10 in reply to DebJogsOn

Definitely. I’m also finding it quite amazing that I actually skipped having a beer last night because I wanted to be in good shape for running. Might make up for it tonight though 😀


Well done for your 10k. It looks a lovely route too.

tony_aGraduate10 in reply to FlickM3

Thanks. Definitely some nice parts to that route. Even in the rain.


Fantastic! Well done you! On my longer runs, one of my mantras towards the end is 'I can always run another 2k'😮. I think when you hit 8 (sensibly) then 10 is not far off - as you have proved! What a great start to the weekend for you!🙂


Well done Tony on making that 10k distance...brilliant acheivement..

You can ask for your Graduate 10 badge here...

Enjoy your deserve a rest now!😊x

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