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Week 1 repeat?

So I managed the 5.5K and the 2.5k, but I went out to do the 5k today and only ran 4k. It was SO hot. 25 degrees here today. :O I usually run in the afternoon but maybe on hot days I need to reschedule to the evening. I picked a shadier trail but it was very uncomfortable. I did walk 1.5k at the end but I'm wondering if I should repeat week 1 of the 10k plan or just move on to week 2? What would you do?

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Because you walked 1.5 k of it i’d repeat it just to know I had properly nailed it

It’s up to you. Move on if you want to, it’s your plan, your rules 😃. No-one’s gonna judge you 🙂👍🏃‍♀️

Whatever you do, have fun !


I would just do the 5k before moving on to Week 2, its a progressive program, but you can take longer if you need to. You can do the runs of each week in any order too, which makes planning your runs around your schedule easier.

Good luck and enjoy!😊x


Thanks, I'll aim to run 5k again on Saturday. Supposed to be a cooler day! and I'll start week 2 on Tuesday.


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