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Fitbit charge2??

Hello all - hope you are well and enjoying the lovely weather. I would like to buy a fitness watch, as at the moment I wear a watch and the most basic fitbit (alta or something). Anyway, I may be big round the middle but annoyingly I have tiny arms and skinny wrists. While looking at Garmin (which I know a lot of people love) I just think they look massive.

Was wondering about a charge 2 as I quite like the fitbit app etc and it's always been fairly reliable. I also see the charge has an interval setting which it really all I would need extra to what I have now.

Does anyone have any experience with them? Or negatives etc?


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I have got Fitbit HR2 and I really like it. I also have small wrists and it’s not bulky - with mine I have got it on 3rd notch and screen is quite narrow which I like. It’s reasonably priced got my mine from Argos for £120.

I am a novice runner and just want to roughly track my pace and distance I know some people on this forum prefer Garmin because of GPS but for me this watch is fine. I haven’t seen interval setting on mine but that is probably my ignorance 😀 That might be useful in the future!

I like the sleep monitor and the heart rate monitor too. Some have mentioned FitBit is more of a lifestyle tracker than a running watch and whilst I have no experience of a running watch, I think the lifestyle tracker comment is right. One thing that I am guilty of is not drinking enough water and recording what I drink along with monitoring my sleep along with general activity levels outside of running is something that helps me.

I suppose it all depends on what you need it for!

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Hello. I like my Fitbit Charge 2. It produces a little map of my run and tracks distance run and pace per km. It also gives a time for each km. I like it. I just have to remember to activate the run function!

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What is it you want it to do, though? If you want all the proper stats like splits, a proper HR, VO2max etc. you are better off getting something like a Garmin or Polar etc. If you just want the basics then yes, a fitness watch will be fine. I have both: a Fitbit that I wear daily but a Garmin that I wear for running. The wrist HRs aren't as reliable as the chest strap HRs, I understand, but I think if you search on here you will find comparisons and discussions. Good luck!

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