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Why I love my Garmin


It's a bit hectic this week and I'm tired. I missed one run due to oversleeping and this morning I had a big fight with myself to get out of bed. I won! But by the time I did, time was short, I was still tired and I only won by promising myself a short and easy run. Which it was. I was, however, rewarded upon my return by being told I am fantastically fit and in the top 10% of my age group for VO2 max. I do worry about the rest of humanity if I am that fit. And I know I will drop again on the next run because I will be running abroad again this weekend and my VO2 max always drops when I run somewhere different. See, I'm beginning to work it out!

My predicted race times have now also been aligned with this new super-human me. Apparently I could run 5k in 25mins, 10k in 53mins - and I didn't look at the rest I was laughing so much - if I just put a little more effort in. Where do they get this stuff from?

But I took a screenshot because I may never reach these dizzy heights again!

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I have a circular track near me that is 400 metres per circle - I am thinking of starting to regularly run a 1 mile time trial every now and then to determine my potential and to fine tune my training paces. I kind of basically do this every Saturday at parkrun - but 5K is a long distance run which I need to "pace' myself for and maybe it isn't quite right to use as a time trial. I wouldn't try to run the mile "flat out" but just to ascertain what I can easily do right now and then slowly work my way up. It is about a 10 minute slow run away from where I live so it would work out quite nicely as a workout in itself. I love my Garmin too :)


I'm quite cross with Ming the Merciless, my Garmin. He's dropped my VO2 Max down, so I'm now in the top 20% for my age and gender, from the giddy heights of top 10% then top 15%. I can only hope this downward spiral halts before I'm back to being totally unfit ... His biggest drop was after I ran my first 10k. Honestly, i was expecting my VO2 Max to have increased after that, not plummeted ... boo!


Good for you. I share your worry for humanity when the fitbit gives me stats for my age.

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