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I guess I ought to post here!!


It's been a long 8 weeks following Ju-Jus 10k plan but worth it.

January 1st saw my first slow 5k and April 14th my 1st slow 10k.

I feel a bit of a fraud watching the Commonwealth Games and thinking about my speed or lack of it but I keep telling myself it's not about the speed.

My run today was over a modified version of my 9k from last week. The warmer morning meant a quick stop to remove outer layers was required much earlier than last week but at least it meant I was able to get into my stride.

My one achievement other than getting to the distance was running up and over the railway bridge. Last week was more of a walk up the steps whereas this week was more of a trot.

Right now I feel a mixture of happiness and thoughtfulness. Happy to have achieved what I set out to do 8 weeks ago yet thoughtful at wondering where my running journey will take me next.

We will see as each week goes by but I think for my next few runs ... They will be a tad shorter!

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Whoop whoop, well done Richard!

Lovely badge 👍🏼🏃🏻🏅


It is a long way isn't it Richard!

Huge Congratulations, and now you have your well earned 10k Badge too😊

I did Ju ju's program last November, then went back to my regular shorter runs, redid the plan in February for my second 10k and am just on Week 3 building up to it again.

There are virtual runner races you can enter to keep things interesting...and get bling!😊xx


Richard7Graduate10 in reply to Bluebirdrunner

I am sure the last 1k was longer than all the rest!

OldflossAdministrator in reply to Richard7

They can be,,, but, the more you run, sometimes, that last 1K is the fastest too:)


Well done, congratulations!

10k is a great achievement so celebrate today and think about future runs tomorrow.

Happy running!

Well done Richard. What a fantastic achievement - and a lovely day for it too! 😊 Now make sure you're nice to those knees!


Great job!


Whoop whoop! Well done Richard, the first 10k is very special and always remembered.

It's a great distance that doesn't impact on your time too much but can also be a benchmark for longer runs if the mood takes you. You can do what you want 🏃🏃🏃

Richard7Graduate10 in reply to Irishprincess

You mean I have to do it again!! 😉😎

IrishprincessGraduate10 in reply to Richard7

You know you want to .......🙂


Well done. I finished week 8 yesterday! It's a great plan.

Fabulouso!!! You did it. :-)


Well done, and no it’s not about comparing yourself with others but achieving your own personal goals, and to enjoy the benefits it brings too. Huge well done on all of your achievements 😎


Well done! I am seething with envy 😊 seriously,having done 8k, Imnow dont seem to be able to get past 5, so,I am in awe of ypur achievement.


Don't be .. take a look at my times on Strava .. it really is nothing to be envious of! You will get back there you were at 2km again a week ago now you are 5 again.


Huge congratulations Richard.... very well done indeed... you did this wonderfully! I remember the feeling when I completed it so well :)

Just take some time and you will find your next steps will happen... so many different things to try :) But... you now know you can run short or long, and really mix things up:)


Huge congratulations! It seems such a long way so a massive well done to you! 🎉 I’m going to start the plan in a couple of weeks after a few more consolidation 5ks so really good to see others succeeding 😊


Wow well done!


Very well done to you Richard! I was happy running 10k every Saturday when I completed mine, mostly because it was a route I loved. The trouble started when I added route extensions! I'm happy to do up to 5 miles at the moment, but trying to keep it interesting with varying the route. The changing seasons help with variety too. Just enjoy being able to do what you set out to do. ☺

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