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A good run to finish a not so good day

A rough day at work today, so the last thing I wanted to do tonight was go for a run, let alone a long run, but it was on the schedule so off I went.

Week 7 of Ju-Ju’s plan, so I repeated my 9k run from last week. Other than a faff stop at 1km to sort out my jacket/phone and once to cross the road, I only went and ran the whole thing! Knocked 2:45 off last week’s time, so feeling pretty chuffed. 🙂

I think that means I am tapering now to my first 10k race in 10 days time?!

Oh, and I managed to swallow another fly mid run, yuk!

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Well done! The extra protein on the fly may be your secret weapon 😄


Nicely done, tapering who even knew that was a running habit! You are a semi pro runner now, I think it’s the two fly eating that confirms it!

Good luck for your race

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Whoop whoop well done! You're more than ready for your race 🏃🏃🏃


Well done and good luck with the 10K race

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