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Officially last to finish local Parkrun!


The title is somewhat misleading, I had the opportunity to volunteer at my local Parkrun today, and was given the position of Tail Walker. There were lots of chats and hello's from other volunteer and runners and of course it meant that I could support people along the way. With the cheers at the end for the last runner it was almost like they were cheering for me.

Go on people support parkrun, try volunteering once in a while you'll love it :)

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Volunteering is fun, I agree. I tend to volunteer regularly.

If you are on the IC, volunteering keeps you involved. They are a very friendly lot of peeps 🏃🏻🏃🏻‍♀️


I am a new ParkRun fanatic. Did my 6th today. Once I get myself going at a good pace and time, I’ll volunteer.


Ooh I must do this again. I volunteer for the junior parkrun whilst my kids run but need to again on a Saturday morning.


Well done 😊 i did my first this morning & i was thinking on my way round i would like to volenteer at some point...all those volenteers standing around in the rain.there was only one that clearly didnt want to be there & wasnt at all encouraging but hey ho...the others were fab 😊


Tail runner is my fave 😃👍. The volunteers are awesome 👏

Folks at my nearest Parkrun are very appreciative and the marshals gets thanked by all on the first lap

Decent hot drinks and cakes too Oh and then there’s Parkrun should you wish to to avail yourself ☺️


Well done! I did my first volunteer stint yesterday and loved it! I'll be baaaack :D

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