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Spring is here - well for the moment


Despite losing an hour's sleep I wanted to go for a long run this morning. I even dreamt about running last night - I was cruising along talking to a colleague on the phone, breathing under control. He didn't even know I was running! This is one of the many young, fit runners in our department at work. I won't be telling him I dreamt about him!

Anyway spring has turned up for the weekend and I had decided on one of my favourite routes from last year. 6.5k up to one of the local lakes and the same back. Through the village, past farmers' fields, along a stream. Roads, tracks, muddy paths, all you could wish for. The first 1/4 hour was not that wonderful - and I had my doubts. But then things settled down and I enjoyed myself. At the half way point I sat on my favourite bench next to the lake. Not a soul in sight, just church bells ringing somewhere (don't know where, I was miles away from habitation) and birds singing. The lake glass-clear and still, a couple of ducks waddling near the water's edge, a swan coming in to land further out. It was so gloriously peaceful! A couple of dog walkers came past, one little puppy insisted on greeting me. The owner apologized for his muddy paws, but I was muddy aswell so it didn't bother me!

And then a gentle, slow trot back, enjoying the sunshine. Past places I had sat last year, staring out over the lake. Pondering. No pondering today!

The run was not easy, nor was it fast. But for the first time ever my VO2 max actually increased after a long run and my Garmin told me I had run at level 3.5. Normally I get a bollocking from my watch, telling me I was at level 5 and my lung capacity has therefore been hammered. And I need weeks to recover (slight exaggeration there!).

Anyway there was enough in the tank to go for a walk with hubby in the afternoon. And the first visit to a beer garden this year. Basking in the sun.

A good day.

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A beautiful picture! It's so great to be able to run in such a delightful scenery. Well done for that long run!


Sounds perfect jaysee😊xx


Beautiful.... I love your photographs :) What a lovely run...it looks so calm and relaxed...:)

Thank you for sharing:)

JaySeeSkinnyGraduate10 in reply to Oldfloss

It was a pretty cool place yesterday morning. We're back to rain again and cold again today. But at least there's no snow!


Sounds wonderful, and what a perfect location. Well done!

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