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Today's running was different: I went to the gym with my Granddaughter.

A small thing... but one that meant more to me than any of the other stuff I have done or achieved in all my years in sport.

Anya is almost 14 ( yes, THAT age) and carrying all the usual burdens that every girl has at that a few peculiar to her. I've been trying to get her more interested in an active lifestyle -without any pressure- for some time as she wasn't doing much that didn't involve a screen.

She mentioned several times how impressed she was that Grandma and Grandad still ran, played sports and stuff in what to her is 'our older years' ( although we would challenge that of course being that we are still young). We were pleased when she started asking advice about exercises, core strength etc. We were amazed when she told us she has joined a small, local gym with teenage training sessions and tuition.

But, the deal was that I had to go too, at least once...which I now have.

And I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I ran on a treadmill for first time. Weird. Completely different than road work. I confess I found it much easier, but still enjoyable. I got Anya doing some run/ walk sessions which she enjoyed. We did sessions on the bikes, rowing machines, elliptical trainer etc. Before I showed her some stretching routines and Pilates/ core work.

It was an utter joy to be training with my Anya: I think she is now sold on 'the buzz'. I hope so anyway.

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That is so wonderful! What a great role model you and your wife are! It is not a case of do as I say, but do as I do 👏👍🏻😁. My husband and I both try to adopt a healthy active lifestyle for that very reason for our 10 year old.

That’s fantastic! 💁‍♀️

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