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13k after 2 weeks of doing nothing?

I’ve not gone for a run for 2weeks. Is it silly to go out next Saturday and do 13k that I entered some time ago? Never run 13k before, did 10k in October. Normally do about 5-9km a week in total but no longer than 7km in one run.

Don’t know why I’m asking really. I know I’m going to do it . Just stressing about how uncomfortable it will be...

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I don’t know how long you have been running for to advise you, and given that you say you haven’t run that distance before, you could consider taking the approach of run/ walk to break it up. Perhaps do 3k chunks? I would however be cautious as you haven’t put in the training by the sounds of it? Good luck!!


Thanks for the reply, sounds a good idea!


Haha. I love the fact you've already made up your mind to do it 😕 It's a tough one because you haven't trained and you've not put the mileage in. But you've made up your mind so just be sensible. Try to pace yourself and don't start off too fast and you can always walk if you need to. The atmosphere will help a lot.

As for the discomfort well that's what we have to learn to manage for any race. For 13K, it's more discomfort than 10K which is more discomfort than 5K.......but it's all only temporary 😩

Good luck and I hope there's bling!

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Thanks, it’s a trail race so not sure there will be anyone around..I bought new trainers too but just haven’t managed to get out, kids ill, snow days etc blah blah ☹️. I didn’t really think about it when I entered. A friend couldn’t do it so transferred her place to me and now all of a sudden it’s next weekend. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN????!!!😮


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