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At last!

I ran this morning. My first time for about three weeks. The sky was clear and bright and there weren't too many people about. I thought it might be a problem, not having run for a while, and initially my legs were a bit reluctant. However, I soon got into my stride and by the last 5 minute running section, I felt I could run all day. Is this what they call getting your mojo back?

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It certainly does! Well done.

I'm off soon for my second trot in three weeks too. It's a great feeling isn't it? Our legs don't ever forget 🏃🏃🏃

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Must feel good to know you can still do it after a short break. I haven't had more than a week since October off, wonder how I'd cope.

Whereabouts in scotland are you in exile from out of interest? I left 20 yrs back myself.


Hi, pinkaardvark, I'm actually exiled in South East Wales in the valleys. I love it, natives are friendly. I left Scotland (north Lanarkshire), for London, in '67, such a long time ago.


Oh that is a long time ago. I hail from next door in east dumbartonshire :) Happy days.. least in the valleys your near the hills, bit flat for my liking round here in the cambridge fens.


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