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Why have I got a bit faster?

After a week off due to sheer laziness I mustered my strength to go out on Sunday telling myself I’d just do a little run to get back in gear but much to my surprise I seemed to be going at a fair old speed (for me that is!) so kept on and managed 11k averaging 7.14 which was my best ever speed over that distance and indeed equal to my best speed over a shorter distance . Last night I over indulged myself - rather a lot of wine and junk food I’m sorry to admit- and as a result had decided I’d best abandon my planned run today but somehow or other I found myself trotting round the park at 8am and to my astonishment my speed over 5k was 6.55. Should I be sure to always pig out the night before a run? I think I know the answer to that one already but my serious question is: does taking a week off every so often boost performance?

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I would say that fresh legs is definately a good thing for getting a new PB. Huge well done to you...


Well we could say it was the wine and junk food but then we'd be lying ☹️

Many runners say they run better and faster after a break so that could be a factor. Don't question it too much just enjoy it! Well done though.


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