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Knee injury advice

Hi Everyone,

Brief description of my running background, i graduated C25K 1st July last year, joined a club and have ran 3 times a week since, weekly mileage is around 12 -13 miles a week but if doing a 10k event then a bit more.

Stupidly the beginning of the year i may have done a few too many miles and ended up with a sharp stabbing pain on the outside of my right knee. I rested for 4 days then tried another run but still hurt. Went to my doctor who referred me to an NHS Physiotherapist who i saw for the first time 2 weeks ago, he said he thought it was knee tendonitis and was not to run but do knee strengthening exercises and when i went back to him yesterday i could more than likely start back slowly.

I went yesterday and he told me that i am not to run for another 3 weeks but he didn't even look at my knee.

While i understand that i have to let the injury heal why did he say on my first visit i could start again this week and is it normal practise that he did not check the knee and area surrounding it.

I have worked so hard to get to where i am and i am worried that i lose all fitness and will have to start back on C25k again. I am using my exercise bike 2-3 times a week to try and keep some fitness and doing Piyo which is strength based, walking and my knee exercises.

Any advice greatly appreciated.


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Sorry to hear about this.

I suspect your physio asked if you were still getting pain, and based on that answer advised no running yet.

I have been nursing niggly knees since before Christmas and am paying to see a physio regularly. I have been back running for a few weeks, but am allowed only short, slow, flat runs at the moment. But after each run now I can feel improvement.

What my physio did tell me was those exercises take at least six weeks to see benefit, and as I have been doing my exercises virtually everyday for two months now I can concur with that. In fact, following my run yesterday I have had very little residual pain 😃

Whilst on the IC I have been walking regularly, also yoga and Pilates ( being mindful of my knees), and daily strengthening and stretching through out.

Stick with it, we have to look after our knees.


Millsies advice is good. But Michelle please go and see a sports physio. I have no faith in NHS doctors nor their physio,s. They have told me aged 75 and my wife 67 to give up running 3 yrs ago. But we both attend regular sports massage from a sports physio who knows her stuff. Left to the NHS I would have been to walking with a stick. ( I was told to that 4yrs ago by my aged GP). Good luck with your running.... Mike


My GP told me not to run because of my dodgy knees. Physio told me that running wouldn't make them worse and might improve them (although you cant regrow cartilage you can improve it's condition). That's why I embarked on C25K. There are some good NHS physios out there.


Hi SlowLoris. My apparent criticism of NHS physios is a little missleading. My daughter-in-law is a highly qualified NHS physio who now lectures at a local University but her expertise is not aimed at sports related injuries.

Our injuries need specialist attention and only a trained Sport's Physio can give you the help you realy need.


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