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Bridge to 10K
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Time to move on to 10k

Graduated from C25K a few months back, and been carrying on running several times a week. I have done 5 Park Runs and also joined a brilliant running group. We meet once a week and this has really helped to encourage me. Now I feel it is time to work towards my next goal of running a 10k in the summer. Yikes! There is life in these old bones yet! Well at least I hope there is!

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That's fantastic. It's amazing how this running bug takes hold. Good luck for your 10k.


Thank you. Yes, I have surprised myself! And have just encouraged a friend to try the Couch to 5k and she loves it too! We will have the whole country running soon!


Go Julie go! Well done for keeping up with your runs through the cold dark days of winter.

I'm sure if my old bones can do the distance (I'm currently up to 9.5k planning 10k on Feb 14th) yours will see you achieving your goal.

Good luck and happy running!


Thank you - and I am so impressed with your plans to run a 10k in February, Must have taken a lot of dedication to keep training through the wind, rain, mud.....etc. Good luck on Feb 14th, let us all know how you get on.

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