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Post exercise malaise

My planned Thursday 5k run got delayed to Friday, then on Saturday I went for an 11 mile tiring country hike. That evening I had chills, fever, aches and extreme exhaustion, basically flu-like symptoms. Spent the next 13 hours in bed. Feeling a lot better on Sunday morning but needless to say, I will not be doing my Sunday run! I don’t have the flu or a cold, though still low on energy.

I’ve googled ‘flu-like symptoms after strenuous exercise’ but the advice is confusing. Does this episode demonstrate the need for a rest day between exercise, especially for us older runners? Does anyone else get ill after a heavy workout, or missing rest days?

Any advice appreciated, thanks.

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There are some bugs around that hit you for 24hrs. I felt really fluey Xmas eve and couldn't do much. I'd done the gym in the morning as well but no harder than normal. The next day I was fine though.

I do think if you exercise a lot with no breaks you can run things low a bit and then get hit with something as your immune system is impoverished. I run 3 days and gym 4 so never have a day off. But I generally consider the runs as pleasant day off activity 😊


Yes, I suppose it could have been a bug though I wasn't aware of feeling ill. Tried to take my temperature, but the thermometer slipped out of my mouth and broke on the bathroom floor. I discovered that you cannot mop up mercury with a tissue, have to sweep it up with a dustpan and brush! You learn something new every day ....


No and don't touch it as mercury can pass through the skin and give you heavy metal poisoning.


Welcome to my life!

(I hope it was a one off for you)


Yes you can certainly get exercise induced fatigue which can cause those ymptoms.It s usually a matter of not getting suffcient nutrition and sleep. Recovery is vital after excercise, as is frequently reiterated here, but the advice is always just to take rest days. What the body needs to recover after exertion is food and lots of it and sleep and lots of it, not just having a day off.


Thanks for the advice. I’ve had a very lazy day today, watching the snow falling outside and plan to take a few days off running till I feel better.


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