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A cheeky 10K and a good drenching

Put in a cheeky 10K before breakfast this morning fearing the weather might get worse as the day went on. Amazingly the opposite happened but that’s the way it goes...

Ran through some brisk breezy and showery early morning weather but felt good except for the drenching I received from a boisterous articulated Lorry which barged through a puddle so deep that I was met in mid-stride with a huge advancing wall of water. Even my Jackie Chan leap was unable to save me from the effects of having the equivalent of a large bucket of freezing cold water poured over me halfway through my run. Funnily enough it seemed to do the trick as I felt invigorated for the rest of my return lap. Sometimes you have to see the funny side even when you’re on the receiving end. First run of the week in and now to get on with the rest of the day. :)

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Thank goodness for endorphins...you managed to laugh it off and carry on with your run...

I do feel for you...that cold, muddy water isn't the kind of shower you needed.😆

Well done on the 10k before breakfast !

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I think they do it on purpose. But at least it kept you going. Well done on the run.


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