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What a difference a day makes

24 little hours...

Felt dreadful yesterday morning so didn't run. I was starting to feel like I was dropping off the program a bit. I decided to do a slow run this morning having listened to the advice on here. I commiserate with all you peeps running in the snow today. However, here it is a balmy 8 degrees and raining. Everything is grey and the wind is blowing hard. Grey sea with white caps getting darker towards the horizon which is a pale grey sky getting darker as you look higher into the dark grey clouds.

I ran for 35 minutes at about 1 min/mile slower than my usual. Starting to get the hang of the Stepping Stones podcast though the 150 bpm is still a bit weird.

It's a lovely day!

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Brought the sun and the flowers ...

I have that on vinyl 😎

Stepping Stones is ace! Hard but brill Stick at it!


I will. I shall give it a few weeks before I start trying to push up to longer distances. I've just come back from the local Santa Dash. Wasn't really running though because I was pushing Mrs BW in her wheelchair. Counts more as cross training.

The chair is a relatively new thing. It's been a real eye opener as to just how difficult people make life for wheel chair users.


Yes, I like stepping stones but find it a bit slow at the start. Running up a hill seems to help me get the pace right. Well done for doing the Santa dash πŸ˜ŠπŸŽ…


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