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Day 39 of Core - 22 to go

Day 39 of Core - 22 to go

Day three

Exercise 3 routine

7 mins

1 minute of each exercise

( 30 seconds each side if needed)

Squats two or single legged

Calf raises

Back raises

Side lying leg raises

Close grip wall push-ups


Inner thigh stretch

Feel free to double up to 14 mins if you are feeling it today 😀.

Remember that pain is not acceptable. Push yourself but if it hurts stop.

All these exercises can be found on the NHS WEBSITE.

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I am a day behind, do did Day 2 today and will catch up by doing Day 3 tomorrow!


I've managed to get my days back on track - after slipping 2 behind last week!! Am having to adjust a bit now and lessen the crunches. my neck just doesn't like them no matter how careful I am. Replacing them rather than shirking tho'!!

Did you see that Argentine Tango on Strictly tonight? - amazing show of core muscle strength.


Yes, amazing!! Not sure I'm ready for that dance move yet😉

Which exercises are you using to replace the 'crunches' (my neck is straining a bit too)?


Well, I just did some side planks and bridges instead and have added in the child and cat yoga poses that an osteopath suggested a few months ago when I had pulled something in my upper back. I think my brain wiring goes wrong and even if I had the strongest abs in the world (!!!!!) I would pull on my neck. A friend said her pilates teacher said instead of thinking of lifting your shoulders up you should concentrate on moving your ribs to your hips so may give that a go when settles down. This is a good habit to have got into so don't want to stop.


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