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Disappointing first run

Graduated 3 weeks ago but then I lost my mojo. Mixed with a sinus infection today was my first run back and I’m so disappointed. I only managed 4.3km in 32 minutes and had to stop and walk twice because my thighs went all warm and felt like jelly. I’m so annoyed with myself that I could actually cry right now. Sorry for the negative post but I needed to vent a little x

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Oh dear ... don't beat yourself up. Blame it on the weather, the short days of winter and definitely your sinus infection.

You managed 32 mins, not long ago you'd have been the thrilled if you'd run for 5!

Your mojo has obviously been attacked by a few of those horrid gremlins. But fear not you'll soon get the better of them.

Be kind to yourself, get rid of that infection and then treat yourself to an easy run of 2 - 3k, you can't be disappointed if you don't aim too high ... and remember slow, slow, slow is the way forward. It won't take you long to get back on form.

You can do it. Good luck!


Do not be disappointed. Do not be annoyed with yourself. You got out and ran. And walking is not stopping. Think back to where you were three months ago and be amazed at yourself, not annoyed.

Mrs Barton-Walker also goes all warm and feels like jelly when she sees me in my Lycra. She hasn't said as much be she did say I looked a bit special the other day.


Vent away, 4,3km is still a very good distance and the time is not too bad considering you've had sinus troubles.

Please give yourself a hug and don't be cross, it's impressive getting out in this cruddy weather...

As mfamilias ( I do hope it is you who says this!!!) so eloquently says, put it in the f...ket bucket.

But on positive side it is 4km more than yesterday and another run in the stamina bank.


Dont be disappointed. You have recently graduated and have been unwell yet you ran for over 30 minutes! That is not a bad run. The distance will come in time and speed will follow. Your legs are still adapting and that is the idea of consolidating your training to maintain that fitness without risk of injury. When you graduate mojo can leave without having a programme so maybe run to some of the week 9 podcasts to get going again.


You didn't lose your mojo, you were ill. Your body fought off an infection and used up a lot of energy while doing so. Plus you'd only just graduated, so your body had not had time to really get used to running . Under those circumstances I think 4.3k is very good. You should be delighted!


You are, despite being a C25k graduate, a very, very new runner.

When your body is under physical stress from illness ( and for longer after than you previously suspected) your performance will dip. It happens to us all.

Get completely well. Take the first few runs very gently, forgetting about time and distance. Just familiarise yourself with running again.

I am in a similar position, after several recent layoffs and today went for a gentle run without considering the time (I will admit I couldn't find my watch). We all have to accept that we are where we are and do the necessary work to move forward. Getting annoyed with yourself is not going to help you relax and enjoy your running.

Please don't spend every session chasing a new PB. It is not productive. Far better to work on different aspects of your running, stamina, endurance, intervals etc in a structured way and attempt a speed run maybe once a fortnight.


Forget distance... you graduated and it is still early days...you probably are slightly under par too :)

Have you been doing a lot of consolidation runs, with plenty of 30 minutes and no worry abut how far; trying different routes and different things?

Try the C25K+ podcasts too, they are challenging but great fun and can really move us on :)

So, chin up, blow your nose, and be kind to yourself and make sure you feel properly better before you head out again!:)

I went out today dressed like I do not know what,,, and although I shed layers...my Buff stayed around my nose and face:)

Big hug!


Don’t worry : next run will be better again.

I am 2 runs from graduating but had to have a 1 week break as I got a bad cold . I would really like to go for a run tomorrow but hope cold won’t get worse again. These things are so annoying , aren’t they :-(


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