£119 reason why I need to strengthen my core

£119 reason why I need to strengthen my core

These are my Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 31's. They've not done a huge mileage, and must be two years old. But look at that weird wearing, it is a scuff on the inner cuff. Both shoes are the same, but this one is a bit worse than the left shoe.

You know that staggery feeling, when you've just run 10km (or a HM, or M if that's your thing)? You've given it your best, got over the finish line and then your posture goes, and you stagger around a bit. You might blame it on 'tired legs' but your slumped posture is not anything to do with your legs, is it?

No. That's your weak core making you slump after a race. Literally, your body cannot hold you up: your core is exhausted.

It's the same with my trainers. The scuff is caused by my tired body not holding my pelvis straight, and on each step (after about 8km), the sole of my trainer snags against the other shoe. I blamed that on 'tired legs' too, but it is my poor core strength.

Must work on my core!

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  • Good point well made there MarkyD.

  • Blimey.. get onto the case right away!!!

  • Great post, I hadent really thought of Core that way, but it makes sense. Must do better......

  • Interesting observation, MarkyD!! 🤔

  • Mmm, interesting - certainly food for thought. Thanks for posting photo. I am working at my core thanks to Realfoodieclub 😊 but probably need to work harder😉

  • I’ve got similar scuff marks on my shoes. Food for thought!

  • Gosh! Yes, you must! If that’s what causes it 😟

  • I had Nike Pegasus and they had exactly the same problem. I was told (when I went to buy new trainers) that it was because they are great trainers for the gym but offer absolutely no support for running. They are as comfy as slippers but sadly no good for running. Have swapped to New Balance now and no more aches, blisters etc

  • Interesting ... both of my last pairs bear the same hallmark ... just when you thought you were doing 'enough' to avoid the couch potato status!!! ;-)

  • That is interesting in an opposite way because I be noticed my core is stronger by taking up running. Planking at Pilates is so much easier recently. But maybe I had a strong core to start with?!

  • How about that ! Interesting.

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