Those first five minutes

What actually happens to your body on the first bit of a run, you know, the first few minutes when your body as well as your head are telling you that you cannot possibly run today. You wheeze and feel wobbly and then suddenly you notice you've found your rhythm and maybe you can make it after all. Its not the gremlins, though they're not helpful, it is a physical feeling.

I am surprised that it hasn't caused me to give up long ago and I wonder how many people do give in because of that first hurdle.

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  • It's always taken me a while to get into a run so I do my warm up in the house prior to the warm up walk, which I might extend to 10 minutes if I don't feel ready to run. It takes me til about 16 minutes to find my rhythm. None of this has ever put me off though and I don't buy into this gremlins thing ☺

  • It's called the toxic 10

    I don't believe in Gremlins any more either. I did think they existed when I was doing the programme, but now if I really feel I can't continue, there's usually a reason, like a virus or not having eaten enough, so I listen to my body.

  • That's very handy, thank you!

  • I don't know what happens but in those ten minutes my body always feels like it wants to be anywhere else except there, doing that.

  • Yep, absolutely!

  • 5 minutes? I wish! :) No, seriously... When I first started, it used to take me about 12 - 15 minutes to get into a run. For a long time I said I didn't enjoy the actual running, but I liked having run. I think a lot of this was because I wasn't fit.

    Four years on and I know a bit more. I still do my 5-minute warm-up walk. I don't stretch before a run. I start my run fairly gently - this is a problem when it's an event such as a timed 5k - and work up to my running pace (which is never very fast). The main thing I have learned is to listen to my body. Previously, I would be thinking that I hated this, I couldn't do it, it was awful - all very unspecific. Now I go through a systems check: feet? Legs? Knees? Piriformis? Upper back? Right shoulder? Lungs? (asthma) Belly? (GI issues :D ) If there is no real problem, then it's just general whingeing and I'm good to carry on.

    Generally, there is no real problem :D

  • I think that I'm working my way towards this mindset as well Anniemurph For me its particularly, 'now come on knees you're fine really aren't you, none of that bruisy pain so hush now and lets get on with it' (My knees took it in turns to slow down my c25k by several months!)

  • Yes, but be careful if you've had an injury to distinguish between what's is really a problem and what isn't. If in doubt, stop! The roads will always be there the next time :)

  • Theres a really good reply on here by B0bP , that explains it really well :-)

    Don't worry, it happens to us all :-) xxx

  • Can we pin this somewhere, Pops? It's useful!

  • That's a very neat explanation, thanks! oops sorry that was in response to poppypug !

  • I agree , I think it would be a really good idea :-)

    Realfoodieclub , please can we do this ? xxx

  • I sometimes have a bit of self-doubt first few minutes. I do 6 laps of local lake about 800 metres circumference. After 1st lap I say well now you've started you might as well finish. I have been trying to improve my technique . Do more of a push and less of a plod. do each lap under 5 minutes now . Each week increasing by a minute so do a bit extra length. I still am mystified how my body works ! My thighs ache more than calves. think my cycling thighs do most of the work because they are used to it. Only really start to sweat after into 3rd lap. On 1st lap right knee and left ankle start to ache. but think my aching legs take my mind off it. Into my 3rd lap I really get into a decent rhythm. On last lap I give a bit more of a push and do my fastest lap. I can understand some giving up after suffering the aching legs but the benefits are too much to give up. I say to myself "Your legs ached last time and you did it. What's stopping you now" Get on with it you wuss ! The thought of bragging about my running to say I've given it up now would be too much shame ! So onward and upwards

  • I tried that run very hard towards the end of the run - when I reached the cooling down five minute walk I wondered whose legs I was wearing! 6k though and an improved 5k speed. We're hooked aren't we!

  • Yes, I find the first 2-3k hard work usually BUT I think I have found a solution! At the start of my two last runs I have started running at the top of a hill (track in forest)! I haven't even done a warm up walk just started jogging downhill. It seems to work....I think I will write a post about it!

  • I'll have to try this.

  • Its takes me about 5 mins to get a decent breathing pattern anyone seeing me then would think I had run for ages, After I settle into a good breathing pattern I can run for an hour or two easily !

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