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Out of action... but coming back. Advice?

Out of action... but coming back. Advice?

I was getting on great .. I thought. But doing too much and not resting enough caused a really painful hamstring injury. Now I can walk fast without pain. But really apprehensive about jogging again. I used to go out with a group twice a week but not sure about that either in case I push myself to hard too soon. Suggestions? Thanks Pauline

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The answer seems to be in your post already: Don't push yourself too hard ;)

Seriously, though... you need to give your legs (and heart) a chance to get gently back into the swing of things. Nice gentle run, just getting used to the act of running. And bare in mind that you've had a break, so you're not going to initially be able to run as far or as fast as you used to, so cut yourself even more slack.

The group might make you subconsciously try to keep up, so it might be better, at least initially, to run on your own so you can set the pace and distance.

Good luck, and welcome back!

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Thanks. I love going out with the group .. very motivating. But you are right πŸ˜ƒ


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