Hey Trudy, and good to see you again!

A few of us have recently experienced niggles and small injuries that aren’t linked with running, Irish-John, IannodaTruffe, misswobble . ‘Life injuries’ I call them.

I am very specific pre & post run remembering my past incidents that kept me away from running for months. However, I am mostly care free in my leisurely, image-dominated life where last week I gave a walking tour around central London to a couple of friends. Wearing shallow Converse shoes. The ones with no support. The soft ones. The ones that look good on young people. Not on a guy with a quiff.

Anyways, the Achilles tendon, or its area, rebelled straight after and unlike in the past where I would carry on like a brave soldier, I visited Trudy, my trusted physio, the keeper of all of my major credit cards and the initiator of my bank balance calamity.

Thankfully, all is minor. Got some exercises to boost my existing arsenal of stretches and I need to skip 10K runs for two weeks and only do three easy 5Ks each week. Phew….

The point is – always (always!) listen to your body. My minor inconvenience goes unnoticed to anyone who doesn’t run but if you do run it can easily escalate into a major issue.

Never ignore any warning signs no matter how trivial they may seem, go check them out, you will be thankful later!

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  • ....my trusted physio, the keeper of all my major credit cards and the initiator of my bank balance calamity.... 😆oh so very true😆

  • Yeah. I helped her buy many a nice thing. That car that she drives is part financed by me. All I need to do is get injured, she takes care of the rest. I'm in the wrong business...................................

  • I've been seeing my Physio for a year now for chronic tailbone/pelvic pain and hubby just started seeing her this fall for lower back issues so, yup, we're definitely financing some of her purchases but I wouldn't have it any other way. Although the pain isn't gone, I'm sooooo much better than I was a year ago! Worth every penny, just hoping some day to be pain free again...pipe dream perhaps (it's been 2 years since the pain started)

  • My lower back discomfort is now gone, and, yes, there is no other way. I am not very tolerant when it comes to pain either ;)

    Good luck!

  • Those flat supportless shoes are a real nuisance. Only ever wear them for show, never to walk in 🤓

  • Great post and so true. I have been at my Dads for the last week so no runs or any form of exercise. I have come back with a rotten head cold and my arthritis is kicking up a storm. So as much as I want to go out, I have to take it easy. I think this is the time I feel most grown up, my heart is saying go on go out but my brain is saying don't be so silly. Four years of running and I now always listen to my brain so I'll be back out there when the time is right.

  • Once bitten, twice shy ;)

  • Those converse! Bah! Mine look nice but that's it

  • Ah, Converse. They look lovely.

    In my next life I am coming back as a physio or a hairdresser.

  • Agree 100%!!!

    If someone gets as much fun, joy and pleasure from running as I do, it's darn well worth the time and money.

    Wish I had understood this earlier - there are "macho" people and Runner People but IMHO there aren't macho Runners that last too long. :/

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