My problem is --

that, where I live, I am a bit of a freak in the running World. There are quite a few older runners around me , at parkrun and in the running clubs. But they are all people who have run all their lives and are still good at it. It is VERY rare for me to meet anybody in my age category who took up distance running (or any kind of running really) at my advanced stage of life. Hence I find great difficulty in finding anybody to run with. There are younger people who are not as "fast" as me - and I am very happy to do slow easy (for me) runs with them - but I always get the impression that my easy pace is not conversational for them and they wish I would go away as they struggle along !!! :)

Of course, there are many older starting runners here in the C25K/B210K world - but you all don't live where I do :) How do you get along with this???

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  • I recognise the phenomenon, but as I am a happy solitary (plus dog) runner it isn't an issue for me.

    I'd imagine though that the 'perfect partner' is probably mythical and it is all about making those adjustments.

  • I'm a solitary runner as well. I either like just me or 1,000's in an event. I'm not a confident runner when I think someone is watching me and I run at a pace that far exceeds my capabilities. Someone once asked if it was because I was competitive but I honestly do not have a competitive bone in my body it is mainly stupid pride. When MrRfc was well a couple of years ago we went out for wk1 run1 and he was so much faster than me, I felt so down about it, even though he was really nice. I came to the conclusion I'm too sensitive to run with others. I occasionally do park run with a neighbour on the strict instructions that she goes off on her own pace and don't worry about me.

  • I have good chat with other runners including my nephew at my local Parkrun, and also running with the group, and hopefully soon my wife will be joining me on some runs.But I don't have a problem with running solo in the week, I enjoy my own company as well, such is the loneliness of the long distance runner!😊

  • I too am a solitary runner mostly. When I did the c25k in a group I was fine at the start and we were all running the same pace. As we got further through the programme I felt slow as the others competitively dashed off. I sometimes run with hubs on strict instructions that we go at my pace or he leaves me rather than running off then waiting for me to catch up. I am very sensitive about my running, self conscious about how well I am/not doing and lacking confidence. I would love an understanding and encouraging running partner but running clubs are evening runs and I am better during the daytime. Good luck on finding that elusive running partner!

  • I understand your problem as I've only taken up running at the ripe old age of 52, and like you say, many of the other veteran runners have been running for years and I would struggle to keep up with them. However I'm actually quite happy running solo, maybe this is because of my hearing and balance difficulties, or maybe because I'm just an antisocial bugger! πŸ˜‚

    I also like the "me time" I get when I'm running, which I find quite therapeutic, and I'm quite happy knowing that I've got the support of this virtual group.

    Whereabouts are you anyway, there must be someone in this forum geographically close to you...

  • I quite like running on my own. I don't think I could run and talk to anyone!! There are loads of runners round here but also the time I go out is a factor. At least 2 days a week I am out at 6am (ish) to fit it in before the school run madness. I don't know many people who would get up that early and go running with me!

  • Hi I am 59 and I have the same problem! I tend to run on my own now ! It's not great!

  • I'm a solitary runner aswell and prefer it because I can choose when/where/how long/how fast etc. without having to take anyone else into account. I've only ever run once with a friend when we were on holiday and I enjoyed it (to my surprise!). It meant I had to get up early to run because he was waiting and as we were at about the same level it was great. Mind you he was a newbie, 16 years younger and I'd been running for about 4 months. His basic fitness was good, but he was carrying too much weight so we balanced each other out. I can see that it's fun, but running alone is also great!

  • Like others, I run alone - well apart from the dog and sometimes without doggie. I live in a remote area and although there is a running club, it would mean quite a journey to get to the meeting point and I would definitely be too slow so it would be like running alone anyway!

  • I took up running using C25k at 54 (about 18 months ago now), always run on my own. Last year did the Great South Run and will probably do it again. I'll never be fast, the racing snakes go zooming past me on the sea front as I plod along at between 6 and 7 min/km. I smile, wave or nod at other runners going the other way, rarely is it acknowledged but it doesn't bother me.

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