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Bridge to 10K
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Help with possible injury!


I was wondering whether anyone has experienced anything similar and can offer some advice. I graduated from the c25k a few months ago and decided to make the plunge to do the bridge to 10k.

It was going well, and I'm on my last run of week 4. However the last run felt absolutely horrendous. My right calf was aching before I started it, now all round my calf, down the right hand side of foot (particularly on the bottom) and around the ankle and heel have all been really sore, and are painful to walk on. I was due to do a run yesterday which I skipped and I've skipped today also, and I'm a little apprehensive to go tomorrow.

A bit about me, I'm a 32 year old male who is slightly on the heavier side, but I've been running since May with no troubles pain wise. I also do a lot of walking (at least 2 hours every day). I have a pair of decent running shoes which I've had for a few months so I don't think it's shoe related.

Has anyone had anything similar and is able to offer some advice?


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I turned my left ankle on Saturday, ran on Sunday with no problems but on Tuesday my foot ankle and calf felt as if I had just turned my ankle, when I was out on a run. I have never known a delayed reaction like this before but it sounds similar to yours, so maybe think back a few days for a possible cause.

I am resting and took some Ibuprofen to ease inflammation, hoping that it will clear up by the weekend. Mine doesn't feel major but is frustrating coming just as I was getting back up to decent length runs after a knee injury.

I hope you clear up soon.


I can't help on the injury, but I would suggest that you don't go for another run until either it's cleared up, or if it doesn't clear up, that you take it to a health professional - either your GP or a sports therapist or some description. Meanwhile, ice, elevate etc. Is there any bruising coming out? As IdaT says, can you remember doing anything to it that might have caused it? Hope you can get it sorted out.

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Could possibly be plantar fascitis. Especially if it's most painful first thing when you wake up.


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