First 10k event imminent - should I be nervous?

Hi all, so the hilly Beachy Head 10k is almost upon us, yet I don't feel particularly nervous or even excited about it. I think I'm more impatient & perhaps curious. The only 'race' situations I've been in before have been the Race For Life ones, so I know what it's like being stuck in a crowd of slowly moving people negotiating their way across the narrow start line & through bottle-necks, but I have no idea at all if the numbers are comparable. I'm assuming there will be a lot more at the 10k plus supporters for the marathon runners who depart half an hour before us. I'm more worried about the logistics of handing my children over & making sure I can get to a loo shortly before we start! Is this normal haha?!

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  • All entirely normal!! The more relaxed you are on the day the better... a good nights sleep, lots of rest and food etc the day before and plan arrangements beforehand ( i.e. Childcare!!) so that on race day the only focus is the actual race..

  • A good night's sleep is probably not going to happen as my 20 month-old is going through what they now seem to call 'sleep regression' i.e. growth spurt/development spurt/teething/separation anxiety or just being challenging lol. But the rest I'm trying to take care of 😉😅

  • Hee! I’ve shared important news with you about the toilet situation courtesy of roseabi

    And yes, I think it’s pretty normal.

  • Try and relax and enjoy the occasion.

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