Trumpet Blowing Time!

Trumpet Blowing Time!

I haven't posted anything for ages - in fact not sure if I ever have in B25k! I graduated from c25k last December and have been running 2-3 times per week since (give or take the odd week). This morning I did my first 10k - decided just to keep going beyond my usual 8k route. Chuffed to bits. Would never in a million years have believed I could do this if asked a year ago. Maybe helped having Brian at my back on the odd hill, though to be fair he slapped me in the face a few times too! 😁

Ps - I have my Garmin set in miles! I'm legit lol.

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  • Congratulations. Brilliant time too.

  • Thank you Annie

  • Brilliant! And a fantastic time too.

  • Thank you Polly

  • Blow that trumpet loud!

    Brilliant, well done you!

    Happy running!

  • Aw thank you Wizziewood.

  • Woohoo! Well done - great time too!

  • Thanks Annie. Maybe Brian at my back helped with my time!

  • Congratulations Gump..great run 😊x

  • Thank you Jan.

  • Excellent time. Very well done. Would love to run 10K some day at that Pace.

  • Thank you. With all the comments about my time I'm now wondering if my Garmin is right because I wouldn't have put myself down as a fast runner - not that I have anyone to compare myself to as I always run alone - except when one of the offspring accompanies me on their bike! Might set map my run next time just to check Lol!

  • I did 10k for the first time just over a week ago. It took me 1:15:44. I took it nice and easy. I have ran a sub 30 min 5K only once. I am usually knocking around 31 to 32 mins for a 5K. I will train further at get used to running 10K, hopefully that will help at reducing both my 5K and 10k times.

    Your Garmin will be correct.

  • I must admit it's just getting out in the fresh air and enjoying the endorphins at the end of it all that keeps the motivation going for me. Though a challenge is good too lol!

  • Well done you! Fantastic time ! I have mine set in miles too It doesn't seem to be that long when your running it I think. In Km's for me it always seems longer some how. Mind over matter I think!

    Anyhoo! Well done👏👏👍

    Happy running ! 😀😀

  • Thanks Peggy. I totally agree with you, mind over matter!

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