New shoes - bit of a naughty (but totally necessary) treat!

New shoes - bit of a naughty (but totally necessary) treat!

In the absence of being able to share such trivia with my running buddy - see my previous post - I now have to do the obligatory 'new shoes' post with you all haha! First time ever in my life that I've spent so much money on a pair of trainers, but I now feel totally justified as I Am A Runner! This is what I do now. In fact it's the only thing I do that isn't mummy-related, & even then, my littlest one is with me on half my runs in her jogger buggy!

And I can highly recommend Tempo, the little specialist running shop in Eastbourne for anyone in the area. I'd never been in there before but the customer service is second to none: they get you barefoot on the treadmill, measure you, & discuss your needs before suggesting any shoes, which they again then get you to try on the treadmill. All good.

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  • Lovely. I assume they aren’t going to stay clean for long?

  • I shall probably be mortified but they will most likely start getting a little grubby from tomorrow, my next run day. Then a lot grubbier on Sunday when I do my long run...

  • Tomorrow is my next run day too. And Sunday I am going out with Canicross group (borrowing a dog off a friend) to recce routes over at Nymans Gardens so I’ll either count that as my long run or my interval run for the week, going forward.

  • They look great, I will have to pop in there one day when visiting the in-laws who live in Eastbourne. I only have a sweatshop near where I live and I am not totally convinced by them (partly due to them being owned by SportsDirect).

  • I would never normally spend so much, being on a tight budget as I am, but the alternative here is pretty much SportsDirect as well or take a chance online. I had heard good things about Tempo but resisted going in until I needed new trainers anyway. Up until now I've pretty much been a running advert for Karrimor, which as a budget range is actually pretty good in my opinion, but I definitely needed some expert advice when it came to footwear now.

  • I have some Karrimor shirts there not so bad, I hated their shorts and running tights just didn't seem to fit me right. You can get away with clothes they won't injury you (apart from chafing!)

    But I think getting right pair shoes will stop you getting injured and will help you enjoy running more. Plus now you know what shoes you like and need you can go find them cheap online in the future!

  • Spending a lot on shoes is allowed, they’re too important to scrimp on if you have any other option.

    The other half and I are doing a joint new running shoe shop next Saturday :)

  • Lovely shoes and fab colours. I have had a nightmare with new trainers with the shop suggesting changing my gait to neutral shoes. My left ankle has not taken this well so back to the shop for an exchange back to stability trainers. Now I am easing them in and hoping my ankle stops objecting. Who knew running trainers could be so important.

  • Oh it's quite a complex thing once you get into it isn't it? I actually went in to the specialist shop as I have a very glamorous bunion on my left foot which I think is starting to object to my longer distances, so wanted some professional advice. And I have joint-hypermobility & was able to discuss that too. All good.

  • They are gorgeous! Love the colour combo. Oh I have shoe envy 😍

  • Fab shoes! How's your mate?

  • Thank you. He's doing better in that he's not critical any more but still a long way off being back to normal. Last update was that he was awake more & trying to rip his various lines out etc but has post-traumatic amnesia so is generally talking gibberish. Slow but steady progress.

  • Yay more Saucony's. We saw pics of some yesterday 🙂 Love em! Drool 😁🏃‍♀️✔️👍

  • Barefoot on the treadmill is great, how many other shops do gait analysis this way??

    Angel on left ear whispers - read - and

    Devil on right ear says - read - and

    I know a lot of the 'pro' sites are linked to shoe manufacturers.


  • Ah will check those links! I have devils on my shoulders too... 😉

  • Lovely shoes though!! I have a couple of pairs of new trainers hidden somewhere - never even opened the boxes - sigh!!!! 8-)

  • They are lovely shoes. Well deserved, a real necessity in my mind🏃🏼‍♀️😉

  • Fab shoes! Well done :)

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