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Hi again. I was away for a couple of days for a minor medical op yesterday, but I am back at it today (I asked the docs and they said it was fine to run if there were no side effects from the anesthetic). I had a question: After checking a number of people training for 10k I was wondering why so few use the c210k app and are on custom training plans? I am using c210k on week 10 of 14 now and it seems to be working fine. I'm just curious if there is some issue with the c210k plan that I don't know about. I realize that we are all making our own plan choices too at this point :)

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  • I don't think there's a problem with the app, it's just that it works for some people and not for others. I can't remember my reasons for not using the app. This forum didn't exist then and perhaps I was just following others who had done the 10K on their own . I can't remember!

  • ah ok thanks Irishprincess - yes that's what I thought - lol I can't imagine doing the 10k training without this forum!

  • I didn't know there was a specific c210k app. I' ve been using Sam Murphy after that was recommended by some good friends on here. The music is good!

  • Thanks Joy. Yes the c210 app showed up right at the end of my c25k as the last stage and 13.1 shows up at the end of c210

  • There wasn't a C210K app when I started :( I think I just added distance bit by bit until I was there. There are so many different plans now. I'm using a myAsics one but have realised that Garmin have one as well which looks more balanced. If only I'd known...

    Take it easy after your op because the aftereffects of a anaesthetic can take time to work out of your system. Hope all is well.

  • Ah that makes sense Annie. I'm going to try and see the c210 program through and then maybe switch over after that.

    Thank you, yes this is the third op I've had (none were for anything too serious) and I think I'm getting used to the anesthetic now as I was up and wolfing down lunch 10 min after I was up! No effects this time at all. The first time I was under, my wife tells me I was completely loopy afterwards :)

  • Ha, having graduated 5K I couldn't bear the loss of Michael Johnson in my cans and was aware that nobody out there could replace the great man so I went on my own, reading what these good folks on the Forum had to say. Basically, I navigated to 10K by doing one 5K easy run, one 5K tempo run, and would increase my distance on the third run by 10%. 10K was not that far away at all.

    I used Training Pace Calculator that IannodaTruffe posted:


    So where's my 10K Graduation badge, I hear you yell? See, I finished 5K program twice before claiming the honour, and I believe that I need to do a number of proper, relaxed, trouble-free 10K runs before repeating the claim (I know. Sigh).

    Anyways, I'm not that far and by the look of it, neither are you!

    All the best!

  • You should have a double graduation badge by the sound of it! Kudos to you for reaching the 10k milestone. It seems far away, but I am going to sign up for a 10k in the spring to force myself to continue through the winter months.

    Ha I wish I was that together to follow a structured program like that! Half the time I can barely remember to turn my watch on to record a run. Yesterday I forgot my watch altogether while it was charging at home. So the simplicity of following the C210 prompts really has an appeal for me :). I will eventually get myself organized to follow a program like this. I've recently begun listening to Hardcore History podcasts which are 3+hours each in length so there is plenty of time to work with.

    Thanks for your reply and all the best to you as well. Happy running!

  • Come on, man! You won't let that lovely Ontario December/February breeze spoil it for you ;) Well, spare a thought for us over in the UK during those cuddling months, with gusty winds and ice rain, oh lord. Last winter my only Monday solution was to run before dawn and, bizarrely enough, I enjoyed that too. I quickly got over other people's looks from their passing cars, simply by turning up the volume of my rock tracks, yay.

    Keep us posted & let us know how you're getting on!

  • haha - well since I've only been running since May, I've never run through a Canadian winter :) Many people here do though. They even have spikes that clip onto your shoes for icy runs. Not too sure about those. I've switched to long track pants and long sleeve jerseys for some colder mornings too and I do enjoy them. Lately its been very warm - its like a hot august day out there today.

    Yep the rock tracks have kept me zoned in the past too. Rock on!! (insert flying guitar rif here)

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