Running with Stephen King

Running with Stephen King

A beautiful Autumn morning, here in North Yorkshire; albeit unseasonably mild. I came on here earlier to say I would do 10k and so I was committed.

The first two kms were ok, except for a patch along a badly maintained footpath. There were monsters and horror in my ears as a speedy man and his dog, raced by me and mine. By the mid section I was on the stretch where I usually do my 5k runs and I felt comfortable and lost in my story for a while. By 7k, the thought came to me that I might just carry on to 11. I abandoned this as the mapmyrun announced 9k and my nemesis (the hill!) came into sight.

Laura (bless her) shouted over the narrator, that I could do this and I would be making real gains to my fitness levels if I was challenged....onwards and upwards. A man on a bike overtook me and then I overtook him as he got off to push.

Nearly died during the last 500m but didn't want to admit defeat. 10k done and after a little sit down on the stile, a cool down walk home for breakfast.

I am so slow and I fell over on the badly maintained footpath on the cool down walk. Now the sole of my foot is hurting (never had that before- I hope I haven't injured myself :( ). Quite pleased with myself however :)

In a Bridget Jones moment I decided to check my stats and can report:

Calories burned running 10k = 691

Calories consumed with (small) sausage sandwich = 342. Ho hum :)

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  • Sausage sandwich! Yum! πŸ™‚ Well done on your 10k - I also ran this morning (out on my lovely trail here in Surrey) - such a beautiful day! πŸπŸ‚πŸŒ³ Happy running - hope your foot is ok!πŸ™‚πŸƒπŸ½β€β™€οΈ

  • Foot seems fine. Just started catastrophising as I have a massive FEAR of being injured! Glad to see you are fit and healthy again.

  • Ha, what a great post Helenwheels...

    phew, a hill at the 9k mark would not be my idea of fun...thank goodness Laura turned up to help.πŸ˜‰

    Great 10k run...

    Which Stephen King were you listening too? I haven’t tried an audiobook, I'm using the Sammi Murphy podcasts and just running through the walkbreaks cos' I like the beat of her music and the lyrics make me smile. I'm only up to 6k on my longer run,but feel the distance will come, its there in my legs, waiting. Reading your report is very helpful, as it feels like we all go through the same process, feeling invincible at some points then digging in at other points...

    I almost fell over during my warm down walk last run too.. tripped on a stick. Poor you I hope your foot is ok, and that you didn't hurt yourself, I was relieved I didn't go over.😯 Take care...

    Your lane looks lovely...apart from that bit going up at the end...

    Kudos to you on a great run.😊x

  • Thanks Jan. I am a tad achy now but the foot is actually fine, I think I remember landing hard on a tree root. Just panicked that it was that planter thingy, thingy. Tripping over mainly injured my dignity. I did that funny thing where you jump up and look around to see it anyone's watching- particularly funny if you are in the middle of a field!

    Your plan seems to be going well. I think sometimes we have to push to discover our confidence; it's too easy to stay where it is comfortable. Also you have had some problems to deal with so well done for pushing forward.

    I was listening to It by Stephen King, I like an audio book on these long runs. I get a bit bored with music tbh. I get a book a month for about 6 quid from audible. A bit short on tokens atm so I mostly chose this book as it is about 45 hours long!!

    Really good though, and I can tune out from the really gruesome bits if needs be!

    Enjoy the next one, hopefully not in a hurricane :)

  • Excellent run helenwheels ...yes, it is warm & sunny today....hope your foot is ok? I hope that one day I will be able to run for 10k x

  • Thanks Mummycav :) Foot seems fine, only dignity injured, me thinks. You WILL be running 10k very, very soon!

  • Glad you’re ok....fingers crossed for 10k for me...I just cannot imagine it!! πŸ€”

  • Neither could I and now I've started having sneaky peeks at the Half Marathon/Marathon forum....Yikes

  • Well done on the 10K!! Very impressive indeed and that sausage sandwich was well deserved!! 😊

  • Thank you very much. I think I missed your graduation- Fabulous news, well done. :) :) A few months and you too will be doing 10s. Sausage sandwich can only ever really be justified after 10k (sadly) :)

  • Sounds like a great run Helen (apart from the trip-up - hope you are ok from that!) Congrats on the 10 and very brave tackling those hills! I steer clear of the big ones!

  • Thanks Decker. Ironic tripping up whilst walking! The hill was lovely on the way out; less so on the way home :)

  • Well done Helen.

    That is a calorie deficit...... just don't eat anything else today.

    You beat the hill and that is what matters, along with another 10k on the running legs. Win, Win.

    I didn't beat my hill today and had to stop ( I hope that is not too disillusioning). I was heavy legged all run after a day on the train and driving yesterday as well as not drinking enough followed by a poor nights sleep. Lack of adequate hydration yesterday, is my diagnosis and I should know better by now.

    We just keep learning.

  • I'm just roasting ducks πŸ¦† so think I will be back in calorie credit soon!

    Sorry you had a hard run; I thought you were infallible! I think you will be ok next time....πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

  • Duck sounds good.

    Sorry to disappoint you Helen, I am very fallible..........

    .........every run is training for the next one.

  • As are we all.....

  • How great did that sausage butty taste :D

    You mention you have audiobooks which is something I’ve thought about but I use Spotify.

    Some people have said they get audio books on Spotify but I’m blowed if I can find them

  • Try Audible, part of amazon. I pay about 6 squid a month and receive a token that can be exchanged for a book. I think you get your first book free so you could try it out. I love reading and don't really have time to do that and run and work and sleep and blah blah....

    For me, a book really helps with the log great runs (especially as I am sooo slow)

    HOWEVER I don't think a book is good for speed, so maybe mix up the runs; music at an appropriate pace for speed and books for steady contemplation 😊

    Good luck πŸ“š πŸƒ 🎢

  • Will look into it. Thanks.

    Already pay for Amazon prime and as I don’t live in U.K. also pay for Netflix and HBO so that I have U.K. tv so to add another Β£6 :/

  • I think it's good value for money; there's a really great choice and some top notch narration/production.

  • Well done 10 k amazing and you have to re fuel so sausage sandwich sounds a great way to do it. Today is my first run from graduating c25k I'm talking myself into it as I'm away from home in a built up area and dragging my feet.

  • Go on, out you go; you know you want to!

  • I went and concurred did six k which included a warm up and down of about half k I'm so slow though I did five in 51 mins and finished the six in 62 still ten weeks ago I had never ran in my life so I'm sort of chuffed

  • Fabulous. Well doneπŸ‘πŸ˜ŠπŸƒ

  • Hi

    Which 10K app do you use with Laura on it? Is it the Laura who did the c25k?

  • Sorry, it was my imaginary Laura who popped into my head!

    However she is on the stepping stones podcasts- strength, stamina and speed :)

  • Thanks! Do they talk you through a 10K run then? Sorry to sound thick , I'm looking for an app that like the c25k talks you through ten k and half marathon training

  • No, they are not that....Ju-Ju has a plan but that's not a podcast and lots of people talk about Sammi Murphy podcasts to 10k- but I have no experience. Why don't you post the question, more experienced runners will know :)

  • Lovely photo and sounded like a great run. Hope your foot is ok πŸ˜•

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