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How do I run on a treadmill?

So C25k graduate, doing comfortably with at least one 5k a week, topped or tailed by a slower distance day of between 4.5 - 7 miles and an interval day, but always au naturel

Not sure I’ll be able to do any out doors running for a couple of weeks but will be able to use a treadmill


So my normal speed is 11 ish min miles, speed intervals is 8.50-9.50 ish and endurance about 13-14

How on earth should I set the treadmill up so I’m still improving. Working towards Brighton 10k. Did my first trial 10k yesterday by doing double park run and managed 1hr 16. Would like to get to about 1hr 05 so these runs need to count but don’t want to over do it

Any suggestions o knowledgable ones

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I also hate treadmills. If you only have to use one for a couple of weeks, I suggest using it to work on sprint speed or hill work. You will be bored out of your mind if you just try to sit on it doing a constant pace for a very long time. A shorter workout in which you play with increasing speed for shorter intervals, and / or increasing the incline for shorter periods, will keep you interested and also be constructive. (A method honed on business trips to South East Asia where it's too hot and humid to run outside).


Jack Daniels running formula he recommends a 2% incline to match your outdoor running speed. Or you could just find a new treadmill speed and expect to slow down a bit outside. He also talks about calibrating treadmills as the speeds aren't exact, but that's mainly for vdot tests etc. Personally I would go with whatever speed I am comfortable with on a treadmill. If I wanted to simulate a 5k race for time I could put the 2% incline on, and not worry about the speed being exact.

You could also check your HR zones using the HRM if your treadmill has it.


But treadmills are good! Although boring.. Take some music :)


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