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Running on a treadmill - a pleasant surprise


I did my second 5k treadmill run last night. This time I had my knee braces and my outdoor (road) running shoes. It went very well.

In fact I was feeling so comfortable I pushed up the pace and took 2 minutes off my best (outdoor) time.

Now, I'm willing to believe that it was a badly calibrated treadmill. But... I can also believe that being able to precisely monitor and control my pace, in a way that is not possible running outdoors, actually means I can build up my speed better than I would. My heart rate, monitored by my watch, was a little faster than it normally is, so that implies I really was working a little harder, yet I felt completely able to do so.

So I am optimistic that this will become a valuable tool in gradually building my speed and endurance in a controlled way. And at worst, it allows me to run in all weather and conditions.

What are other people's experiences?

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I do my running on a treadmill, I love it, it's convenient and great to use.

I like the different programs or the programs i can make up myself, listen to music or watch a movie while I run.


I agree entirely about the “pros”, especially the way you can set a very slightly faster speed than last time or try to go very slightly further at the same speed. The “con” is that it’s deadly boring 🙄

IAmCharliemouseGraduate10 in reply to UpTheStanley

I was very bored the first time. The extra spice of trying to beat my best time made it more tolerable this time, but yes it’s certainly not as interesting as a ‘real’ run.


They’re certainly useful... well done by the way... if a little boring. Did your watch tally near the treadmill in terms of distance? The tip I read for getting the best out of a watch on the treadmill was to run in the middle of the bed so not too far forward or back, but why baffles me and when I tried to think about it my head hurt 🤣

IAmCharliemouseGraduate10 in reply to UnfitNoMore

Hmmm... 🤪. I don’t get it either.

It was close, but not spot on. The first km was very close, but when I varied the speed, it didn’t seem to notice and went way off.

UnfitNoMoreAdministrator in reply to IAmCharliemouse

I’m yet to prove the theory, I’m still a treadmill novice and find myself trying to change pace with stride still before realising where I am and pressing buttons, so I’m back and forth on the bed quite a bit!

IAmCharliemouseGraduate10 in reply to UnfitNoMore

I always worry about falling off the back, so I think I run quite close to the screen. It does mean it’s thoroughly covered in sweat by the end, though. 😓

UnfitNoMoreAdministrator in reply to IAmCharliemouse



I used to love ny treadmill until I discovered outside trails

It is useful in really bad weather and one day last week when I had 5k to do to round up my weekly target and just couldnt face another hill. I was surprised to find it a harder run than usual


10.0 km/h outdoors is not the same as 10.0 km/h on a treadmill. Read on :-)

I love the treadmill for the reasons you outline - the control it gives me and ... because I'm a running geek... it allows me to conduct the exact same run in the *same* conditions... thereby allowing me to make a fair comparison of my heart rate - a great way to track my improvement.

The comparison to outdoors is interesting. To run at the same speed, you'll actually have to work harder on the road than on the treadmill. Why? Mainly because of wind resistance - you're having to push through air. In addition, there is an element of propulsion on a treadmill. You mention your heart rate was higher... that's because of a heating effect on the treadmill - there's a lack of air to evaporate your sweat - so you warm-up quicker and the heart rate goes up in an effort to cool you down.

There's a very technical discussion comparing both here: christofschwiening.blogspot...

and this useful link is mentioned which helps to show you what speed setting on a treadmill you need to achieve the same outdoors pace :


Yours, a fellow treadmiller


IAmCharliemouseGraduate10 in reply to John_W

From a geek that runs, to a running geek, thanks!

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