10 mile in the morning

So I have my first ever 10 mile run in the morning so far I have not ran 14km and I am so so nervous! I'm going to run in intervals if I start to struggle but I am so worried I won't be able to finish it I havnt trained as much as I should I've been on loads of holidays in the last 6 weeks and missed quite a few runs any words of wisdom ?

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  • As with running any distance for the first time, take it nice and easy.

    The thing that I have never totally mastered is refuelling for runs over 12k, but last time I did a 10 miler I started to rehydrate and refuel with dates from about 40 minutes in and it was the best that I have managed for energy levels at the end of the run.

    You will have to experiment to find what works for you.

    Relax and enjoy it.

  • Go nice and steady. Walk when you feel the need or just stop for a breather as required and you'll get round

    Time goes fast on races so itl'll be over before,you know it. Enjoy yourself 😃

  • Are you doing the Yorkshire one? It’s my first ‘official’ 10 mile tomorrow too and I’m similarly nervous, although I have run that distance a few times in training. I can’t remember the last time I felt this jittery about something...job interviews have nothing on this lol. I’m going to take it steady and walk some bits if I have to. Good luck and enjoy it! 😃

  • Yes I am! I've done 9 miles before but not 10! I'm planning on walking where I need to and I'm exactly the same trying to take my mind off it but I can't! If you see someone vomiting with nerves at the beginning it'll be me!!

  • Well if you see someone vomiting at the end, it will be me! I always throw up at the end of a race - no idea why. Even if I take it easy, I’m still sick at the finish line. Hope you manage to get a good night’s sleep. Good luck for tomorrow! We CAN do this! 💪🏻

  • You will finish - and then you'll tell us all about it. Good luck.

  • Oooo I bet you manage this really well. If you have run 9 m you can do 10! Just go steady and enjoy 🏃🏻‍♀️😎

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