My first 10k!

Just want to shout from the rooftops: I RAN 10K!!!

I can't believe I've come from not being able to run for more than a minute in September to running for 1 hour 12 minutes! My goal was 10k by my 50th birthday which is in April, so done that! What do you guys think I should aim for next?!

Thanks for all your continued support and admin, please can I claim my 10k badge?

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  • Brilliant! Huge congratulations👏👏! That first 10k is very special isn't it? Next step, claim your 10k graduate badge and look for a race! Good luck🙂

  • Well done you! Many congratulations. I dare you literally to shout it from the rooftops! Actually better not. I'd hate to be the cause of your being charged with breach of the peace. :)

  • Inspiring! ☺ I started last June, longest yet was five miles. Had to take a break for the last month so easing back into the game. Congratulations on the 10 - the joy in your post is motivating me to "keep on keeping on" and going out on a grim and freezing morning here. ;)

  • Fantastic! Smashed that goal. I'm thinking a teeny tiny HM next?

  • Exciting! You've well smashed your April goal:)

    So what do YOU want to aim for? Faster 10ks, longer distances? Shorter even faster distances? Trails? When you know the answer to that, you'll know what your next goal should be:)

  • Really well done! That's great progress.

  • Woo hoo!! Congratulations on that 10k. I started from the couch late August so not dissimilar to you and did my first 10k a few weeks ago and a second 10k 10 days ago. I have no idea what to do next either! Well I am hoping to get off the ic this week sometime and then keep trying runs 5k to 10k. But should I go for more distance although I felt quite tired at the end of 10k. I need more stamina lol. Yep indecisive here too. When you work it out let us know.

  • Good work! My first 10k today too 😀. Target was consistent 10 min miles and came home in 1:03 so really chuffed. I started in October too so we are on roughly the same trajectory. I have decided it is half marathon for me next, so have signed up and going for sub 2 hours. Can't believe the 4 months ago I struggled with the first weeks of c25k!!!

  • Wow! 10 minute miles and aiming for a half marathon?! Think you're a little ahead of me - am very impressed though! And yes, it's amazing to think that 6 months ago I couldn't run beyond the end of my road!! Will be watching your progress with interest. I currently aim for a sub 11 minute mile - achieve this occasionally! Watch this space :-)

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